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  1. Update - the collection agency just replied to say they are taking their orders from Vinci ( now called Indigo apparently...I hope they get round to changing any signs they may have... not lol )
  2. The dumbasses passed this onto a collection agency - and we received the letter today lol It mentioned the latest Bweavis Vs Butthead... sorry Vs Parking Eye as if that meant people have to pay up or else now. When I did a simple search on the matter I discovered that this is just a ruling which says they can charge what they like and it's not excessive. It's nothing really to do with wether a parking notice is valid in the first place. They have an email - and as recommended before I wasn't wasting the stamp money - but I finally couldn't resist an email though So, armed with knowledge from you lovely guys and with some help from the template letter, from PC, here's what they got... (PCN number was in the email subject) " With regards to your recent letter, received 23rd November 2015. Due to the failure of Vinci Park Services to follow the procedures outlined in the BPA AOS Code of Practice, (Notice To Keeper only SENT on 20th October 2015, which is well beyond the validity date) the 'balance owed' is an invalid charge. POFA 12 requires that if you wish to hold the keeper liable then the notice to keeper is served no earlier than 29 days and no later than 56 days of the alleged event. Therefore as Keeper I am not liable for this charge and demand that you cancel it. I have to advise that no balance is owed. Continued further failure to follow the procedures outlined in the BPA AOS Code of Practice, or the legal requirements under the Protection of Freedoms Act, or the requirements of the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct will lead to me making a formal complaint to the DVLA Data Sharing Policy Group, D16. Please be advised that any further correspondence which attempts to claim money is owed shall be regarded as harassment, and further legal advice then sought. Please Note: Unless you have specifically requested it and received my express permission, you do not have my authority to disclose or refer this letter or any other communication from me to any other person or organisation. Yours, blah blah blah "
  3. Hi all Just wanted to update that the NTK FINALLY came through a couple of days ago - it is dates 20th October - WELLLllll after the 56 days from the incident. Since the incident I have seen a Vinci car parking sign - next to the on site nursery. I don't think it is anywhere else in the hospital grounds. I was parked round the corner and down the street a bit from the nursery anyway, where there are different signs closer by, that don't say anything about Vinci. I currently have the parking cowboys template letter and have filled in my details, but just before I send- thought I would check back in there to say thank you all for arming me with the required knowledge and for being there to provide it. You guys are great. A couple of last questions though: Should I even bother responding to the NTK now it has been so long? And - as I am using the template letter to respond to the NTK, should I add a line about being more than 56 days and just tell them to sod off? Thank you all once again
  4. Just popped back in to say they never did follow up and send me a notice to keeper I guess that's that then. Is there like a time limit where they might still send something?
  5. After finally getting a chance to do some studying of the hospital car parking handbook on the intranet there..... No where anywhere does it mention Vinci at all...anywhere. -D Just eagerly waiting a NTK now so I can quote Code of practice section 18 back to them. Is it worth then saying something like "Ahh- so it was YOU that stuck something to my windscreen, potentially obscuring my view while driving? Now I know who I can sue for interfering with my property?" lol
  6. It is possible it is in some small print I've missed somewhere, so will have another look on the trust intranet when I get a chance. Thank you all again.
  7. I have not contacted the Land owner ( the hospital trust) about this, but the renewal letter from the hospital car parking people says nothign about Vinci, and I can't see them mentioned anywhere else I've looked (hospital policies etc)
  8. Just a quick note to say still no NTK, adnd I've still not seen any Vinci signs anywhere around the hospital on my travels....
  9. Hi - sorry about the pictures. Didn't spot that other bit had the reg info too. I have still not received any NTK yet... Excuse my ignorance please, but what is a LO? (the hospital?) I'm very tempted to contact someone to tell someone there are [problem] artists on the prowl, lol
  10. Thank you so much for all your help guys. I'm feeling like I can't wait for the NTK to come now so I can put them in their place lol. I will update when I hear anything.
  11. That's a good point. How far away doors a sign have to be? From where I took that picture, looking at the white car, the sign was just behind me maybe a few more steps.
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys... Trying to calm my itchy trigger finger lol. The sign was on the wall of that building that you can see behind the white car in the last pic. It's on the right side of the building, a couple of parking bays down the road. Also perhaps of note ( or perhaps not?) is that "lampost" thing with the triangle sign on it can block your door if you park in there, and there is also one of those black bollard things behind that white car as well. It must have been a struggle for the driver of that white car to open their door properly where they were parked. You've got to test your door opening and then move back and forth a little bit to make sure you can open it without hitting one or the other. Then when you've got children in the back and have to open the back door as well it becomes even more tricky, meaning you have to creep even further forward. The other option to mve back means you end up in the parking bay behind.... which you can't do if there's a car already there.
  13. Thank you. Was just what I was thinking when I read it This is sounding good After properly reading the sign for the first time myself today, and having a letter from the hospital car parking dept which both have no mention of Vinci anywhere... I'm definitely ignoring the ticket and treating it as a [problem], along the same lines of those texts people get saying they have won the Spanish lottery, or the ones that are pretending to be your bank and ask for your bank details to confirm lol. Is it worth contacting the police myself at this moment saying I believe there is a [problem] operating just to have an incident number logged with them? I know I should wait until the ntk comes but I'm itching to fight this now and might be in a different mood later on. Or even contacting the police without giving my name? Just saying I saw some people putting tickets on some cars around the hospital, and they didn';t look like hospital staff
  14. I currently have a renewal letter they sent a few days ago, which I haven't sorted yet - I am due to renew my permit next month. The letter says it is from: Car Parking Helpdesk. Facilities & Services Directorate Royal Preston Hospital blah blah blah Nothing about Vinci on there. When i got to my car today ( in a proper bay and fully inside today) another car who was totally inside the yellow box ( as there is usually every day) had one of those windscreen notes - so no doubt they will be doing the same as me tonight I took some pictures too - Closest sign. nothing about Vinci on that either View looking at the yellow box from one angle - roughly the area where I was parked yesterday. View to the side - my wheels had gone on to the yellow box in front of where that white car is now. Slightly different wider view You can see a not-so-faded second white line in that bay. The white car that was there today has its wheels inside both of those white lines, can use the full space. Yesterday there was a car parked with its front wheels right up to the forward (slightly faded) white line. Meaning there wasn't a full car-length spot available in front of it as it was in reality straddling 2 bays....loking at it more- the other line seems MORE faded lol. The mini in the background has a ticket on its window today. That spot is used everyday. It is hard to understand (for me anyway) why there is even a yellow box there. The road is one way at that bit. To the other side of the mini is the nursery drop off spots. i managed to park on opposite side of the road from that white car today.
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