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  1. HI, I've just recevied payment for my first £750 claim against the BoS for £2,536 worth of charges and am also looking for help and advice on what to do next! I think the best path is once you have received the full payment, enter your next claim but make sure you are only claiming inbetween certain dates, that way you should be able to claim it all back in several claims! Roxy x
  2. Hello, Does the below letter look okay to send in regards to my second round with the BoS, they have repaided my first claim, although neglected to pay the interest and costs as I have mentioned below... Is this all I need to say or do I send an identical LBA as before and just subtract the amount they have paid so far? Dear Sir/Madam, LETTER BEFORE ACTION ACCOUNT NUMBER: XXXXXXX Thank you for your payment of £738.00 received on the 4 August 2006 in regards to my claim for Repayment of Charges from the dates of February 2003 to February 2005. I ask you to no
  3. Hi, Sorry, i'm not sure how to change the title of the thread, perhaps only the mods can do it?? Thanks for your message! Well done to you too for getting your money back, yey! I'll check with my bank if the interest and costs have been paid in, thanks for that! Do you, or anyone, know if there is a letter for the next stage...or do I just go back to the LBA and add in a section at the top which says "Thank you for your payment on 4 August, the total now stands at..blah blah blah"??? Thanks again! Roxy xxxx
  4. Hello Good news!! The bank caved and payed my first £738.00, from my first claim of £2,536.00! Right...so this is what has happened, I tried to use my card last week and it was eaten by the machine, I was totally angered, I called the bank to find out that my card had passed its valid date, the man I was talking too was shocked as the bank is meant to send the new card a month before your card runs out...no card had been sent, strange...now when did I start this...oh yeah, a month before my card ran out!!! Anyway he sent out a new card and when i recieved it, it was just a ru
  5. Thanks your a star, I'm feeling a lot less panicky now, I'll check out the Scotland thread! Many thanks Roxy
  6. Hello I went through all the stages as mentioned on this website. Now I am at the stage where the BoS is due me £2,536.00 and I have severed this and entered my first claim for £738.00 + Costs + Interest. I have received my confirmation from the Sheriff Court that my summons has been delivered to the BoS. I'm just getting a little nervous as I have not heard anything else from Bank...one thing that really concerns me is that on the last day of my 2nd deadline they offered me £1,207 to settle the entire complaint...since my claim is only for certain two dates could this be a problem
  7. Thats exactly what I was thinking, how much of a pain will it be to have to sever it down to 3/4 claims!! But then again, I think that is what the bank is counting on, people not wanting the hassle! My only worry is that after the first claim, they will be able to make you sign a 'full and final settlement clause' so that we can't claim again??? Roxy x
  8. Hi Fruitycar, Thanks for your help on my thread, thought I would pop in yours, I notice you are in Edinburgh..same here! I have just started my claim against the BoS, I severed it but now reading your posts, I might just go for the whole thing at the next stage...who have you claimed the whole amount with?...If you don't mind me asking!! Many thanks Roxy x
  9. Hi I was offered £400 then £1,200 out of the £2,536 the BoS are due me, I refused it and have now entered a claim against them. On offering £1,200 they told me that, that was the highest 'legal' amount that the 'BoS' could offer...I rang them and thanked them for their letter and politely refused the offer, I just mentioned that I would only be able to accept the offer as part payment of the outstanding balance, which they refused, so I refused their offer by saying I would really need the entire sum in my acount before the end of the deadline (yesterday), they rang me yesterday and
  10. Phoned on Monday 10/07/06, upped offer by £7 to £1,207 rather strange one anyways, I declined and started court proceedings for claim one! Roxy x
  11. UPDATE: I received a letter from the BoS on the 6 July 2006 stating the usual stuff..."we believe our charges are legal and correct blah blah blah" the letter went on to offer me £400 as a full and final settlement. I telephoned the Customer Relations number that was given and politely acknowledged receipt of the letter and noted that unfortunatley, I would only be able to accept the £400 as part settlement and would still be looking for settlement of the full balance of £2,536. The bank refused and after I mentioned that "As per my letter of 26th June, I would be submitting a
  12. Hello My account with New Look was closed but after reading this site I decided to give it a go along side my battle witht the BoS! Initial Letter sent 24/06/06 Reply received 04/07/06 Full repayment of charges will be re-issued within 7 days! Woo Hoo!! Roxy x
  13. Hi all, I posted a few days ago asking for some help on Scottish claims, well......thanks to this brilliant site and all your helpful advice I have well and truely started my claim against the Bank of Scotland! 06/06/06: I went into my bank and asked for five years of my statements, paid the £5 fee and they were sent out 12/06/06. (12/06/06 - 19/06/06 I was on holiday so no action took place). 20/06/06: I calculated all my charges to be £,2536, 1st letter asking for my money back was sent. 24/06/06: Letter recieved from the Bank of Scotland "I am sorry to hear your con
  14. Hehe, yeah, that sounds like a good idea! I tell you, he must have a really sore hand after signing all our letters!! Roxy x
  15. Thanks very much! I've ran a search and found lots of interesting information!! On a side note, after a discussion I had about this, what is everyones opinions on the fact that some of us are due thousands of pounds over five years...surely there was be case for some sort of compensation for the lifestyle adjustments we have had to make and I know myself for one, the amount of emotional distress that this has caused us over the years? I mean, I had to borrow money just to clear my account back to zero!!! The amount of times that I've not been able to eat at work or had to walk ho
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