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  1. Hi all, I have recently been receiving a few texts from Vanquis with the following text body:- Unsurprisingly I have no idea how my number was obtained by this company or whoever sends texts on their behalf. My problem with this is that I was charged by the 60070 number for opting out of these annoying and unwanted texts. There was no prior indication that I would be charged and I think that is pretty misleading and outrageous - I was given a generic system warning by my android phone and that's it. I'm not exactly sure how I would like to proceed with following up why I was charged but I think I should - Where do I 'stand' with this situation? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, Long time no post. Had another letter from CRS claiming the usual. Threatening court action/passing on to an external company (I assume they mean that other branch of Harland's/CRS which begins with a Z?) Apparently I still owe them an amount in the region of £270. I just wanted to check that despite their most recent correspondence that my stance/position has and should not change since I sent them an email using slick's message as a template from 18th May. Thanks
  3. Hi slick, Sorry it's been a while, I've been waiting for a reply. After the last email in which Harlands dropped the fees. I decided to propose an offer of settlement. It may or may not have been the correct thing to do but with them asking me to pay an amount which was less than what I would have been paying for the remainder of my gym contract, I thought it would be best to try and settle it ASAP. I simply didn't want to have this drag out longer than necessary. I sent the following email:- Shortly after, I received their usual automated email acknowledging receipt of my email. I still have not received a reply. This is where I think it's about to get complicated - I went back to my parents' house this afternoon to find a letter from CRS saying my account has been passed to them despite previous correspondence. More added fees etc. Seems a bit unjust to ignore my offer of settlement then add more debt?! Thanks!
  4. Hi slick! I'm being cautiously optimistic but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! are you able to direct me to where I can see this part of the ruling? I am unable to find it myself! Thanks
  5. Hi again everyone, Harlands response as follows:- Interesting that they have dropped the fees!!
  6. Okay thanks, done! Will post on here when I hear back.
  7. Thanks for that slick - you're very on point! I'll roll with your idea, seems reasonable. They either deal with the admin or the don't they shouldnt' be passing the buck on the situation really. Just to make sure I'm not being unreasonable - this is the reply, in its entirety, which I received from the manager to my very first email to X4L (shown in my first post). As you can see, none of my thoughts are address at all. If you agree, I shall proceed with emailing them as per your advice. Thanks
  8. I'm inclined to agree? According to the contract my grounds for cancelling (item 16.) doesn't even have any requirement for letting them know I'm cancelling. It says below item 15 and above item 16 Therefore it doesn't apply... Surely?
  9. Hi again everyone, Following on from this email which I sent to Harlands customer services:- I received this response from Harlands this morning:- Seems like this correspondence has left the situation open ended. 1) As far as I can read into their reply, no acknowledgement was made of my offer... 2) Am I right in thinking that, from their perspective of collecting money, they should have stated in this email that I still owe them? Thanks in advance again! I look forward to hearing from you.
  10. Thanks for the reply and corresponding advice slick. I have contacted Harlands via their email address supplied on the letter using your template as a basis. I shall post again on this thread as soon as I hear anything. Thank you for your time and I will be in touch.
  11. Slick, I've since found other arrangements for a gym but for the purposes of settling this dispute I would be willing to reinstate the gym membership, but I would be very unlikely to actually use it, I doubt that this would have an impact on the proposal however as I would not disclose my intentions of use to them. From what you are saying this is likely to be the best and shortest way to resolution. Is there little to no point in sending any sort of correspondence to Harlands then? Even just to say that I am looking to negotiate with X4L on reinstatement of my membership, therefore I wish the matter to be put on hold? I know you are experienced in this matter so please forgive my sheepishness! Regards.
  12. Hi again slick! According to the letter I 'owe' just shy of £160 which does make sense since I only paid the £20 joining fee. I would definitely agree with points 1 and 3. I do agree with 2 as well but I simply cannot remember which pieces of information may or may not have been shown on the screen, where I apparently ticked consent... (?!) Similarly I cannot confirm anything in regards to a DD mandate, I have no documentation. The letter from Harlands states I must respond by 23rd April, tomorrow. I know you said not to contact them but would it do any harm to send them an email to the address on the letter to include the following?:- 1) No first letter was received therefore I will only deal with the matters as outlined on the first letter which was apparently sent out to me. Had I received this first letter I would have acknowledged it promptly (as I would be doing now with this one!!) 2) The account should be placed on hold whilst I investigate the matter of cancellation and incurred fees. 3) Possibly request a breakdown of the total costs incurred? (More to keep them sweet that my actually needing the information...) As with most people I am at the stage now where I just wish to put this matter behind me. If that means agreeing to carry on paying the direct debit as originally 'agreed', I would be okay with that to be honest, it's only £10 a month. The letter states that if I am undergoing any sort of financial difficulty then they would agree to reduce fees - this most definitely applies to me as of the 1st May. Many thanks again, you are a great help.
  13. Slick123, I understand that the sign up process is a grey area and since I have no proof, other than my own word, it's maybe not best to pursue this aspect of my situation. Would you agree? I complained to a member of staff on one occasion about the long wait times and I received an apology and was told that the message would be passed on so I can only assume that this person wasn't of managerial status, or similar. This was only done in person whilst I was in session at the gym however and not done in writing unfortunately. No more complaints were raised as this complaint was mentioned in my penultimate, if not final, time visiting the gym. Beyond this nothing else was said as I, perhaps foolishly, turned to item 16 of the contract. Do charges of something in the region of £165 seem a bit much/disproportionate for only 2 month of misses membership, which on brief calculation should only amount to 2 x 9.99 (membership) + 2 x 25 ('administration fees') = approx. £70?! Obviously it's not as clear cut... Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your reply slick. Personal details were given to the gym in what I would deem an unofficial manner but for the life of me I can't remember if I went near a computer screen before entering the gym. I suppose the answer would have to be yes to be on the 'safe' side... I think I have until the end of the month to address this second letter. I shall await your advise before doing anything else. Many thanks.
  15. Thanks for the prompt reply. I apologise for the long message, it just had everything in it that I would be repeating here but here it is in a nutshell. I went to register at the beginning of February, was shown no contract and 'signed up' to the gym by writing down my details on a piece of paper from the till machine. It seems like I entered into an agreement for the usual 12 months minimum. (Line 1 of their contract - This agreement commences once you have indicated your acceptance in the Declaration section of the web sign up process or once both parties have signed the agreement. As mentioned, I signed nothing but a piece of paper. Where do I stand with this?) - I stopped going to the gym after around a month at the most I'd say. - I stopped going because I feel that the services being provided were very inadequate to the point I was demoralised and didn't work out for ages. I suffered very long waiting times for equipment and when I got the equipment, I had to spend even more time trawling the free weights area for weight plates. One would think there would be a complete set for each machine which required them - apparently not. There was also the problem of out of order showers, toilets and the very useful blood pressure/heartrate monitor. This occured on more than one occasion and not on consecutive days. - I cancelled my direct debit. I did not inform the gym of doing so because from how I have read the contract, I did not need to. This is what I was referring to with the following paragraph:- I was not ill or suffering from injury or anything. I am/was basing my cancellation purely on Item 16 of their contract which states:- I haven't yet sent any correspondence to Harlands. How should I proceed based on the information I have provided? Thanks again!
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