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  1. The date on the claim form is 18th November 2014. The hearing was due to be held on the 4th March but at the last minute was postponed until the 29th April. I went to the MCOL website and entered the Claim Number and the password but either or both was not being recognised, so could go no further unfortunately
  2. Yes I did file a defence in response to the summons, returned in time. There has been no reply at all from them regarding the defence, save the bundle of email correspondence between us (in which I set out my dispute in full to them) and a computer printout of the account which is not easily decipherable as it's all numbers. Sorry but don't know what an "aq" is, or for that matter a "POC" is either. The links are not explanatory.
  3. Oddly enough, my defence has already been done for me in the bundle they have submitted, because they admit making deductions in those documents. And no, I cannot afford to have reams of copies to submit to the court. I cannot even afford an envelope and stamp at the moment. Will have to borrow money just to go to court. Now, can anyone supply me with a definitive answer to my question please? If, as I suspect what they are doing with regards to deductions for all returned goods is illegal, then their application should be struck out anyway.
  4. I changed computers near the end of my period with them so all my "evidence" is no longer accessible anyway because the computer is completely u/s. However, I have the weekly sales orders and receipts in printed form. If they could be bothered, they could check my weekly cash and product returns statements to see if they match their computer records - which they won't. The real issue I would like a definite answer to is this: Under the distance selling rules they must refund a customer 100% whatever the reason might be. The Distributors get a FULL credit of the good's v
  5. No, they have sent a bundle containing a complete print-out of the account, very blurred copies of the Co-ordinator's agreement and the correspondence emails between them and myself, including a "without prejudice" letter I sent to them via email offering to negotiate a settlement, which they have not responded to at all save showing to the court. In fact, they have made NO attempt whatsoever to investigate any of my claims because they say their finance and computer systems are infallible. Dream on. They also operate an unlicensed insurance waiver scheme whic
  6. Last year I worked for a while as a Betterware Co-ordinator (Area Manager) servicing several local Distributors. You are self employed in this role. I was given a "running account" for sales orders and monies received on behalf of the company. Within a very short while this running account gradually fell more and more into the red and I couldn't figure out why at first, I looked very closely at what was going on, not made any easier by the fact that there was always a 2 - 3 week gap between orders placed and banking the money collected from Distributors. The Reg
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