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  1. As it stands, I'm still happy with the original agreed price, but I'm pee'd off that they still advertised it after deposit paid and dealer taking car off of the front viewing area, but stuck a lower price on it. The screen shots might jolt them into selling at the lower price out of embarrassment. Pigs may also sprout wings and nest in trees.
  2. Hi BazzaS That's pretty much what I thought, contract established at higher price at time deposit paid. It's a bit of a cheek though to still advertise the car at a lower price, even shows the registration number! We have taken screen shots and will take the iPad with us on Wednesday (collection day) Thanks for your reply.
  3. Having found a new car at a dealership, agreed price, paid deposit and agreed a collection date, we find the car STILL on the dealers website (actual car) but £500 LESS than we agreed. How do we stand with holding the dealer to the lower price? We are days away from collection.
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