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  1. Hi yes I'm glad I held out extra 6 weeks or so should receive just over a grand so well worth the wait than accepting 225 pounds as they thought they good fob me off thank you
  2. . How long did you wait for your refund from psyday express have you got it yet. They did same to me offered me 25 percent do took to fos and been offered now full refund in charges interesr plus 8 percent interest. Thanks
  3. hi how long did you wait to receive your refund. after going to fos after payday express trying to offer small refund 25% have now come back full refund and 8% interest plus credit files removed which i have accepted. happy days
  4. i worked out that i had paid approx £2k in interest so when i received a call from fos explaining they have made an offer of 1.7k she did say it was a fair offer and if i took it further i may end up receiving less so decided to take it but still havent heard anything from QQ regarding my refund. im not sure how long they have to pay up. but im sure they will make people wait til the very last day. good luck
  5. well done when you chose to accept an offer how long do they pay up. i have fos dealing with my complaints, i had almost 40 loans with QQ over a 3 year period. i was getting nowhere with them directly until my adjudicator got involved. i sent her statement of account she looked and emailed QQ to refund interest and charges. they offered me almost 1.7k which eqates to approx 82-85 percent of all interest paid which my adjudicator seems to think its a fair offer. been almost 2 weeks and no correspondence off QQ (was told they would be in touch with me).
  6. hi no news as yet from wonga. this compaint started october/november time. waited 8 weeks then had email stating they needed another 6 so i left it but after the 6 weeks i had email stating couldnt uphold complaint so sent details to the fos. they have been great i was on a payment plan with wonga and had a small amount wiped off when these affordability checks came in with wonga but i paid a lot in interest and charges. had complaint with text loan received over 1k in interest and charges (did that by myself and accepted offer) qq i had 40 loans this been a problem has taken approx 3-4 months but received a call off my adjudicator stating they offered me approx 82% of interest and charges which equates to £1700 pounds so i have accepted that. payday express complaint gone to fos (received final response from payday express pduk) offering 25% of interest and charges however declined that offer and fos dealing with it. wageday advance complaint not upheld but only had few loans with them. all these payday loans have been paid off but i was in this situation for 3 years (started when my partners work company went into administration). so glad its in the past now and wouldnt dream of doing it again, but its about time we give them a taste of their own medicine. x
  7. Good luck I've got complaint in with wonga too not having any joy at all and its been 5 months they sent me final response saying they could not uphold my complaint so fos are involved and also with quick quid deadline date to respond is tomorrow however not looking positive in receiving it by then as feel I been fobbed off. Let's hope we all have a positive outcome and give these companies a taste of their own medicine
  8. thank you im not accepting the 25% they offered me £225 pounds when i paid over £900. did you email PE to decline offer. And i am having hell with quick quid at present (now on the 8th week and they sent me details of account and i had 40 loans over 3 year period. there date to get back is the 25th april so hopefully will hear something. i will pass the details onto the fos. did you send the letter PE sent you or just email them the final response. id rather wait a few months if i get the full reund of interest back. i already have someone looking throughout all these companies i have logged complaints with so i will pass this one on for her to investigate. just think 25% is insulting but many people who are still in this circle would just take it. however i am so glad im out this mess. thanks for your advice
  9. hi i would also like some advice. i was also stuck in the payday loan spiral for 3 years. i have complaints in with several companies regarding irresponsible lending. payday express has offered me 25% of interest paid. i already have an adjuicator with the fos dealing with my complaint from wonga and has already been 5 months and not getting anywhere. did you just reject the "gesture of goodwill" offer oceanic and how long did this take for them to offer you full refund. i think these companies are just trying to offer a little thinking we desperate howver i am willing to wait.
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