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  1. Still no reply from Citroen, will give them a few more days, as I can only imagine that he must be swamped...
  2. So, I sent my email to Mr Leclerc at Citroen, what sort of timeline should I expect in obtaining a response, if ever I get one? If not, what then? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance once again, you've all been most helpful.
  3. Thanks, I've just done ym letter for Halifax, and am sending it out tomorrow.
  4. Even though Halifax state it on their website, that I can with a debit card? Is this misleading of them? http://www.halifax.co.uk/bankaccounts/help-guidance/common-enquiries/disputes/ This is under the "Debit Card Disputes" tab on their website.
  5. I pulled this off the Halifax website I want to make a claim under Section 75 of The Consumer Credit Act 1974, what should I do? How we can help: Section 75 of The Consumer credit Act 1974 gives credit card customers legal rights if they’ve paid for goods or services using their credit card. It applies when the total price of the goods or services is between £100 and £30,000 and all or part of the purchase price was made using a credit card. If you’ve bought something using your credit card, the credit card issuer and the merchant may be equally liable for compensating you if
  6. So, email sent today at 2:45pm, and let's see what Mr Leclerc has to say about all this!
  7. Hi Conniff, in regards to the Citroen dealer who did the repair, this is what I have including a Debit Card receipt.
  8. In regards to finance, i had not missed a payment for 7 months since th beginning of the HP, I believe (don't have the paper work in front of me - will do tomorrow to verify this figure) when the car went off the road, I couldn't travel to work, became ill, (have Ulcerative Colitis), then lost job, and have been off on sick since unfortunately. When they sent "Albion" to collect, they ticked all the boxes stating that it was driv eable, and drove off. The car had its moment where it would be drive able for a few miles, other times it wouldn't start at all, and would think it was engaged
  9. That is definitely good to know, in regards to letting HP know, and I might keep it up my sleeve for a later date as I actually did mention it to them and the only response was 'is it still insured? We need an up to date copy of the insurance certificate'. Which I provided - and that was it. In regards to the card, yes I did pay using a visa debit and shall get in touch with them today. Any ideas on what I need to say? Any terminology I need to use?
  10. Hi Conniff, thank you ever so much for replying to me. This was a Hire Purchase with Moneyway (yes.. I know), the car was purchased at the Trade Center Wales. I took it to the Citroen dealer, as i thought, "Citroen" would have been the best to know about the fault that I had. In regards to the original RAC warranty, of which I have a signed agreed copy I found the other day. When I purchased the car they told me that the warranty was extra, and that the finance company wouldn't cover it maybe. Even though they made sign a document for it, and didnt sign anything to cancel it? Like I
  11. Hi all, and I thank you in advance of all advice given to me with a problem I have had with a repair I had done at a local Citroen Main Dealer Garage. I owned a Citroen C4 (59 plate), bought in August 2013. 3 month warranty as it was 2nd hand, even thought I thought I had 3 year cover - that's another story. I developed a faul with the car in late April 2014 and on th 7th of May took the Car to my local Citroen garage to sort out. They did a VHC - Vehicle Health Check/Diagnostics, and informed me that I needed a new EGR valve. I asked if it was a straightforward job, and the reply I
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