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  1. Hi guys sorry to bring up a old thread but it's yet another year and still this issue is ongoing It's currently with the financial ombudsman service I've now gone down the irresponsible lending route but the ombudsman service are demanding my bank statements from 2011-2012 and are refusing to help unless I provide them. The issue is I haven't a clue who I was banking with at the time I thought it was halifax which I did have a account with at the time but it wasn't my main account apparently and only used to have loans paid into it. There is no bank accounts showing on my credit reports in 2011/2012 and I'm really struggling. It's looking like myjar are going to get one over on me yet again I'm gutted. This wouldn't even be happening if they hadn't screwed me over regarding equifax and adding the account to equifax in default 3 months after it was paid off. My question is though why are the ombudsman service so intent on my bank statements and not instead asking myjar what checks were completed etc as the complaint is against them so surly it's for them to prove ? They have issued me a deadline today of sending in the statements by the 25th or the complaint will be closed any ad on how to reply would be great thanks
  2. Thanks for the advice and yes I received there final response 10 mins ago I'm so confused now on what they are doing. He is now saying they are going to back date a default notice to 2012 is that allowed ? Also saying they believe the late markers to be correct starting from January 2015-July 2015 when the loan was in 2012 they also say I've requested a default be placed something I've not done but I've attached there response maybe someone else can understand it all We write to provide you with our final response regarding your complaint about the entry to your credit file. You have requested that we apply a retrospective default to your credit file. Investigation We believe the late markers registered to your credit file to be an accurate representation of the situation. As you are aware, companies that work with credit reference agencies are obligated to provide them with correct information, so that other institutions relying on this data would be able to reach correct decision in their affordability assessment procedures. However, we also accept your reasoning to why this loan could have been considered as defaulted. While a defaulted loan will likely have a more negative impact on your credit rating, we are prepared to meet your request and apply a default in retrospect. Decision In light of the above, we propose to register a default on your account as you have requested, back dated to 90 days after your first missed payment. After 6 years from that date the default notice will be expire as per the regulations that govern the credit reference agencies. If you do not wish this action to take place please contact us within 28 days of this e-mail to stop this action. As an appendix to this message, I am providing you with a formal default notice as required under the Consumer Credit Act. Please take time to review whether you wish us to register a back dated default. The presence of a default is potentially more damaging to your credit file and you may wish to take advice before proceeding. However, unless we hear from you by 17 August 2016, we will arrange for the default to be registered. We hope the reasoning set out in this letter resolves the complaint to your satisfaction. Appendix – Default notice This is default notice is served under section 87(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 in respect of the Running Account Credit Agreement reference number 369482 between: (1) MYJAR Limited, PO BOX 609, Salford, M5 0HD (2) MY DETAILS Under clause 1.14 of the Running Account Credit Agreement you were required to repay the sum of £117.00 (loan reference: 691442) no later than 4 July 2012. As you have failed to make the repayment amount due on 4 July 2012 you breached the terms of the Running Account Credit Agreement. This notice includes a copy of the current Financial Conduct Authority information sheet on default. This contains important information about your rights and where to go for support and advice. Kind regards,
  3. Hello Guys sorry to bring up a old thread but I still have a ongoing issue with this company Myjar looking for further help if possible please as I don't know what to do next. After paying off the £300 as agreed it was fully removed from my callcredit report which was great. 3 months later and after the account was paid off and closed they decided to add this account to equifax as being in default and owing £554 after complaining etc they refused to remove the account and instead removed the default from my report and instead listed that i had started missing payments from Jan 2015 to Jul 2015 when it was paid off ???? The loan was from 2012 so still the information was being recorded wrong. It's now been another year and today I've been advised by equifax that it's not going to be removed until 2021 when it should be 2018 due to the way they have my account listed which is disgusting. I've again complained to Myjar who again have refused to remove the account and stated in one email they have to report the correct information legally and then once I asked for the correct information to be put in my credit report I get a response saying if he dose that it will affect my credit report even more than it is now and am I sure I want them to do that ? In my opinion he has just contradicted him self as they know they are issuing incorrect information and are happy to leave it which I'm not. He also said he can add the default to the report again this is what's worrying me and where I need some legal advice please as I have it in black and white in a email from Myjar last July stating that they never issued me a default notice and I'm confused on how they can now add that to my report is that legally allowed or have they made a huge mistake by saying so ? Any help would be very grateful thank you all
  4. Sorry DX I was unaware you replied yes that's what the financial ombudsman service have advised me stating that HSBC had agreed to lift the 6 year bar but the financial ombudsman service were terrible stating one thing and making up excuses is then come back with answers they would then just say it's not something we will look to take on so I'm on my own I have today also received a letter from hoist portfolio stating the payment arrangements of £20 a month etc I've also noticed they then state that my account will be reviewed on the 28/03/2016 When we will work with you to review your current circumstances to ensure your arrangement remains affordable ??? So in other words they will be checking to see if I can pay it off quicker can they do this if I have the variation in place set at £20 a month
  5. That dose not sound like something MKDP would do also DX could you possibly advise on how and if I've got a good enough chance of taking HSBC to court for the fees or just leave it as it is and take the hit ?
  6. Morning just a little update I've received a letter today from MKDP stating they have now sold my account onto a company called HOIST PORTFOLIO HOLDING LIMITED on the 26/10/15 will this now affect my monthly payments as agreed with the court or dose it all stay the same ?
  7. UPDATE Morning everyone well just to update you on a new issue with MYJAR that occurred this week anyway as stated I paid off the account in full in July 2015 and unexpectedly the account was fully removed from my call credit report which MYJAR stated they wouldn't do so it was a bonus but then roll on to September 2015 and for some strange reason MYJAR decide to report this account to Equifax as being in default and owning them £554 and the account still showing as open. So I complained to equifax and also sent MYJAR a complaint email again to the lady dealing with my last complaint and she stated how sorry she was etc and would contact Equifax to tell them of the mistake etc and get it removed. So today I did another check on equifax and it now shows as settled but with yellow markers showing late dating back to January 2015-July 2015 So they have not removed the account at all. Equifax have also responded with MYJARS response and they just tell Equifax to remove the default and just update it as settled with payment being received in July 2015. Surly they are not allowed to do this are they ? Can they add a account 2 months after its fully closed down and paid off from a debt 2-3 years old and only show it as starting in January 2015 ? Any help would be extremely grateful on what I can now do to get this mess sorted
  8. Afternoon just a quick update to say I received a letter from the court today stating they have accepted my £20 a month offer so it's a big relief to finialy getting it all sorted just need to decide now what I'm going to do with regards to HSBC do I take them to court or just move on ??? If I do take them to court and lose will I have to pay there fess etc for attending court or do I just lose my court fee ?
  9. Sorry Andy i am confused by the last comment I've printed off the N245 as above and about to drop it in what do I need to consider ?
  10. I explained to her on the phone that i have had quite a lot of new information this last week including all statements from the account from the date it was opened in 2006 to the date they shut it in Nov 2009 also default notices sent to the wrong address from HSBC etc she said oh thats strange then changed the point to say then that still the charges will need to show that they were incorrect and unfair which is hard to prove she sounded like she couldn't be bothered
  11. Thanks Andy i was shocked when it arrived i even rang them to ask what they were playing at as it clearly states (Not to include any payments made by other members of the household paid from their income on the form ) she said well if thats the case what do you do with your benefits lol. Im so tempted to just write a covering letter explaining everything but im sure they will just ignore the facts like they did last week so ill just have to fill in the expenses form and see how i get on but its a shocking system
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