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  1. No not yet, I think, as like me, didn't know where to turn, what to do or anything and is hoping I might find an answer
  2. See, not a clue what I'm doing. But never before nor now do we share anything. Not on paper, not on credit file as I also know my credit file was checked
  3. in regards to parts of your first attachment Two people living in one dwelling E4033 To be members of the same household means that 1. two people live in the same house, flat, apartment, caravan or other dwelling place and neither normally lives in another household and 2. they both live there regularly, apart from absences necessary for employment, to visit relatives, etc. Here would say No. 2 may apply if i am understanding correctly, OR:- E4034 However, examples of two people living in one dwelling but not necessarily living together in the same household include 1. lodgers or students who necessarily share a single gas/electricity supply etc and who may have an arrangement to share costs for items such as food and cleaning materials. in which case- Common factors associated with the existence of a household E4035 The DM must consider all the circumstances of a case in deciding whether two people are members of the same household. In addition to E4033, there are other factors commonly associated with a household which should be explored. These factors have been identified in cases dealing with whether married couples, who claim to be estranged, are still living in the same household, but they may also indicate the existence of a shared household occupied by an unmarried couple. The DM should consider evidence relating to the following when making a finding as to whether a household exists 1.the circumstances in which the two people came to be living in the same house; in my case, after finding i was unable to afford the upkeep of my own residence due to ongoing financial difficulties, i made myself homeless. I was offered a safe address for postal correspondence and a couch to sleep on in times needed between looking after my parents, staying on other friends couches, but LARGELY my residence was a lorry due to my employment status. 2. the arrangements for paying for the accommodation; I was never asked to pay towards rent or such like as my now partner was afraid it would cause her and her young daughter a lot of problems (she also paid the bedroom tax from her own money/benefit) 3. the arrangements for the storage and cooking of food; Majority of MY food i took to work to cook in my lorry 4. the eating arrangements (whether separate or not); As above really, otherwise wherever i might be when not away 5. the domestic arrangements such as cleaning, gardening and minor household maintenance; Obviously not around enough to contribute, plus her father was a landscaper, so did her gardening 6. the financial arrangements (who pays which bills? is there a joint bank account? whose name is shown on utility bills?); only joint account i had in a joint name was with my mother to help try sort my debts while i was away. only bill i paid was for a landline so i had the use of internet for job searches etc, all others where DD in her name from her account which she paid 7. evidence of family life. still waiting to see this for myself Not sure if i may be misunderstanding:- E4037 Such a relationship may not be classed as LTAMC1 where, for example, the need for care or support is the main reason. It is not only the reason that caused the parties to live together which is important, but the facts and circumstances that apply after they have done so: only caring involved was if i where free and not away or elsewhere, if she needed a babysitter, i would go to her place of work, collect her daughter and a set of keys and babysit her daughter for her on an evening. As i mentioned quite a few posts ago, the only evidence that came to light, where my bank statements they took from the bank, a statement from her old boss of 6 months (previously sentenced to prison twice for fraud) which actually coincided with myself and the babysitting arrangement?!? and that i used the address to insure my car, which, i need an address to insure a car, which is none related to any of this but apparently is to them.
  4. I will get on with this tonight, sorry for late reply, been of and in hospital from work with a burst ulcer, but can't afford to be off so had to go back to work today, Many thanks mikeymack I will reply tonight
  5. surely as myself or anyone else has never been interviewed interviewed, that's a massive boo boo they've made in following protocol?
  6. Thanks for the reply, I have asked my employer to send me the copy of the AOE, which, is exactly the same as mine, letter headed with the councils name not the court, yet the letter states a liability order was made against me. But I presume also signed by a member of council, not one thing from the court itself, does this make any ddifference? Just looked, John kirkman is a council officer, nothing to do with courts
  7. my problem now is, these AOE are going to absolutely cripple us, we find it virtually impossible to reach the 4th week of the month as it is. We receive no other tax benefits or anything just both our (in my opinion) low wages. As far as I am concerned, I made myself homeless due to money problems in the first place, and as I've never been interviewed regarding this nor any of my witnesses, they are illegally taking money from me. I've heard mixed responses regarding official AOE or court specific letters, many saying these need to be wet signed and have the court seal embossed on these (that's if an AOE is actually a court thing), this may not be the case, but mine certainly has none of the above. My problem is, I'm useless at wording letters/emails and have no idea what myself and my partner need to write to these robbing scumbags.
  8. Yes this interview happened several months ago. Myself and my witnesses are still waiting, but as it's now at this stage, I presume we will not get our interviews. It took quite a while for them to decide to send bills of monies owed to them. I myself have just received a copy of an AOE for over 5k today for council tax of which I wanted to post a picture of it but am unable Unless I'm misunderstanding what you are saying, the amount of money they said is owed, and the stating about appeals was never mentioned to my partner as I just asked her
  9. Hi thank you for that. No I was in a job where I worked away considerably. We moved in together around August last year, they are wanting all this money (council tax, housing benefit and any other monies) from the day we met or there abouts. Plus council tax of over 5k from myself
  10. She hasn't had time to appeal as she only just got the AOE today, and no doubt mine will follow by the end of the week Also excuse my ignorance, but prosecute? As in take us to court? There was a court hearing, but not (after reading other people's posts) an official one, just a council letter saying there would be one, nothing from court themselves. But was too short notice to do anything nor be able to attend I also forgot to mention, every time we pay our rent, council or hmrc are going to our housing association and taking money back from our rent, which the association failed to mention for a while until we fell further behind in rent, yet we are still being billed for 19k
  11. ah thank you so much, like i said, new to all this, but many thanks HB
  12. hi guys just wondering what the outcome was, i and my partner are needing urgent help in a similar situation involving AOE and now bailiffs many thanks
  13. hi guys and girls, thank you for taking the time to read this in advance.. this is quite a long story, i will try to keep it as short as i possibly can without missing anything out. i met my now partner a few years ago while going through quire a lot of financial difficulties, which at present are still ongoing. at the time, i worked away for the majority of the week and only being home a couple of days. i lived alone. we met, got on great she had a one and half year old daughter. for a very long time, she was not willing to make us a permanent item or such, having a great deal of trust issues due to physical and mental abuse from her daughters father, which was understandable. eventually came the point i could not afford to keep my own place, so gave it up, my parents, due to my younger sister, would not let me use their address, but kirsty said it would be ok to use hers as we had known each other a while and any mail and such would be safe. i did stay with her on occasions, along with staying with my parents when needed as they both have cancer, so i was needed quite often. a few years later, i found a job closer, but, as it meant not working away anymore, and kirsty still not finding a job, i had to "sofa surf" as i wasnt prepared to put her and her young dependant in jeapordy of losing their home. she finally found a small part time job local to her in a bar, 3 nights a week, and having no family close to her, was able to rely on myself to go to her place of work, collect her daughter and a set of keys, and babysit for her. then, she gets a letter stating she is to be interviewed for benefit fraud, she attended this, the whole while feeling bullied and talked down to, and unable to put her own points accross, they where very rude to her. During this interview, the showed her MY bank statements (which show no evidence of me contributing to her household whatsoever) but apparently as was evidence enough?!?! and that my car was insured at her address (to insure a car an address is needed, and as i worked away, her drive was a safe place to keep my car). no photographic evidence available to the contrary nor of me living there which i wasn't. only one witness statement was read out to her, from her previous employer (which has come to light is now being sent down for a 3rd time for fraud) which actually contradicts their claim. in this statement, in her statement, knowing us for around 6 months, she states we where a couple living together.... yet i would collect my partners daughter from her place of work, and a set of keys to gain access to her home (sometimes get all the way to her home and realise i had no keys and have to go back, also stated in witness statement). my partner told them of my sofa surfing and being homeless, they asked for names, names given, then stated would interview these people and myself.... between ourselve now have 41k in debts to be paid, and not one person including myself have been interviewed except kirsty. myself and my partner are on low wages (her on only 34 hours per week). all of this is causing a lot of mental stress to us both, and as you read this, she has been sent home AGAIN as its now causing physical stress to her, causing her problems at work, (she has now found a job as a carer) and in her state is unable to carry out her job to the standard needed. today the cause was an AOE for £19300.91 for housing benefit. neither me nor her can ever be able to pay 41k which will lead us both and her daughter to end up on the street as far as we are concerned. The AOE comes with no court order or anything. just a bog standard printed letter. no liability order. we have also received a letter each stating bailiffs will be coming for 10k of c/t, no court stamp, no wet signature. I am positive ive missed things out, but when i remember will update many thanks in advance apologies, i meant to state, i have no idea what to do, and im useless at letters or correspondence and have never had this to deal with, i myself am still in financial difficulty, and this is putting a huge strain on our family unit. just to point out, we went into the council office stating these debts are unrecognized, i was put onto the phone to one of the interviewers, who in turn was not interested in the slightest and put the phone down
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