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  1. I would also like to add a footnote in that when all food prices shot up 10 years ago, alcohol wasn't effected so much? But nthe anti-alcohol brigade started whingeing that alcohol was too cheap, actually it wasn't, it was only cheap(er) by comparison! Food prices were very high. This led to some prices of alcohol being increased and the local councils' pricing policy.
  2. As an alcoholic myself I do understand this interesting debate in all forms. I am going to be very honest and say when I needed to lose weight I switched to vegetarian food and alcohol. That allowed me to lose weight quickly as dieting is difficult and often described as hard and boring. But because I can drink and not put weight on at the same time I could actually enjoy being on a diet if that makes sense?? As for the debate on legalising cannabis, I know my ex's sisters child was told to take the stuff from his own doctor! This herb is known as a 'mandrake' and of course is natural. I support the use for medicine, but not for recreation. I have enough trouble with the alcohol addiction let alone something else. Btw I have used the alcohol as a self medication in the past to help me through difficult times and I found it really helped. Just my opinion of course
  3. Better start saving the pennies for that then or should that be the pounds?? lol
  4. Samsung as such an unreliable make! And this goes for past threads as well as this one. Just as valid now as it was then.
  5. Thats a 'money mule' [problem] King, it all sounds really good and well paid but it is all illegal. The stuff sent has been bought using stolen credit cards. You then send the package on to the thief.
  6. Wilkinsons Sword razors are rubbish. I have been using Gillete mach3 for over 10 years. I had about 10 razor blades, some of which I gave to the ex but they have lasted me from 2002 to NOW. Gillete really IS the best a man can get! So in other words I haven't actually bought new razors of any kind since 2002?
  7. Before I see any "holy thread resurrection Batman " comments I must point out that at the time of writing that this is on page 1. I know for a fact that if one eats only a VEGANITE diet (I mean vegan, must be thinking of a poster hehehe) and drink rain water you CAN discover the much vaulted FOUNTAIN of youth. This is ALSO backed up in the bible in Daniel. Eat NATURAL and you will look younger. You don't need all these so-called anti-ageing creams which don't work except for the very expensive ones only reserved for so-called "celebrities" Grow your OWN vegetables, and drink the rain. Do this for two weeks. Btw I got this from a celberity that tried this but I can't re-find the link.
  8. Even three years on after the last reply it still only costs £30 for an individual inc. vat. That's why I thought I would reply to this thread as many people are struggling food wise including me.
  9. As in the days of Noah, will be the coming of the son of Man. In other words mixing dna between species whether it be of human, or dog is frowned upon by GOD. Even my ex who was also a dog worshipper (Romans 1:23) disagreed with it! We should not be inter-breeding ANY animals full stop. Sadly though my comments will be largely ignored as there are far too many dog worshippers out there.
  10. Out of interest what ever happend about this? I used to gamble on Swiss casino and lost a bit of money "properly" as I didn't understand gambling at the time. SCasino is ALSO Gibraltar owned so thought I would ask for an update? Could you update us if you haven't already OP?
  11. We could do with an update shreds? What is happening about all this? You have my absolute sympathy. I have a neighbour who has a very irratating voice, sounds like the joker from the 60's series of Batman! Please hang in there, I did read your other harrowing thread further down this (first) page and I have been following your progress.
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