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  1. Did you ever hear anything else about this? I've had letters from champions soccer and icon collections chasing me for money and I've now had one from pjh solicitors as well.
  2. Hi thanks for your reply. This is what a lot of people I've talked to have said. However when I talked to citizens advice and their consumer helpline they seemed less confident.
  3. Hi, There are a number of threads on the forum referring to champion soccer chasing debt for people who have quit five a-side leagues early and passing the responsibility for collecting this to Icon Collections, but none with any sort of real resolution or explanation of what happened with the issue. I've received letters identical to those described in other threads asking me for £300 for leaving a league before the end of the season, and I was wondering if the threats of court action are simply scare tactics or whether they are genuine. I would be very grateful if anyone who h
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