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  1. Would this not come under the Sale of Goods Act as it was purchased in 2013?
  2. No, it was private for my own use no, private purchase If this post is in the wrong location could someone please move to the correct area?
  3. I purchased a built in coffee machine in May 2013 from Appliance City. I am going to find out how I paid for the item in the next couple of days-hopefully on my credit card. It had an initial problem but this was sorted promptly. The item came with a two year warranty. The machine started giving problems in February 2015 whilst still under warranty. This started a series of various faults and at least 8 visits (possibly more!) over an 18 month period ,from a variety of technicians sent direct from Miele who manufactured the item. The last visit was Autumn 2016 and at that point I told Mie
  4. Thanks for that. I have sent them a letter on Thursday pointing out that my previous correspondence was not an appeal but that I was informing them of my intention to appeal. They responded as I said with a letter saying my appeal had been rejected. That is denying me the right to lodge any appeal and I think as such is incorrect? I am away tomorrow for a week but on my return I will measure exactly where I was parked in relation to the sign saying parking is permitted for one hour and I will take some more photographs.
  5. Sorry for the delay. I have posted some pics above. I hope these are okay. The Google street view gives the impression of a bend in the road but it is a straight road. Please have a look at the sign that says parking is permitted there. This sign is approximately 4 metres encroaching on to the yellow lines. I had parked approximately 6 metres to the left of this sign. Thanks for the advice on this-it is greatly appreciated.
  8. I will post all the pics up tomorrow as I am not the best with computers and need some help with it. Out of curiosity does the missing 'T' not mean the restrictions are unenforceable as this does not comply with the law on these lines. I found this on anther website;- “A transverse mark must be placed at each end of a line, where one type of line changes to another, where it abuts a bay marking or a zig-zag line and at a point where a vertical sign indicates the time period changes, but the road marking remains the same."
  9. I received a parking ticket on 13th August. I had been using a colleagues car and had parked on broken double yellow lines for a few minutes -the CEO says it was over 5 minutes but I doubt that. The lines are badly broken and not continuous and also have no 'T' at either end. I had emailed the council to inform them that I was using the car on the day in question as I did not want my colleague to have the trouble of this. In the email I said I would appeal in due course. They responded to me by letter stating my appeal had been rejected-I had not ev
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