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  1. To all, Thank you all for the advice, really do appreciate it. Il just leave things as they are and if court paperwork is to arrive then il have to show evidence on my side, which is think will be very unlikely.
  2. @ericsbrother thanks for the quick response. You advise is very helpful. My only concern is that as a debt collector is involved isit wise for me to ignore the letter or can the matter exceed costs and therefore incur a bigger potential fine if something was to happen? The letter states if the £100 is not paid, further charges would apply. If I'm honest I personally feel they have handled this in the wrong way it just as a debt collector has been allocated on their part now, I'm Potentially worried that they may rack up a huge bill and come knocking in my door. Kav
  3. Dear all, on the date of January 21st, 2015 i visited a friend in London to which i had to park my car within the car park provided. I could see that signs were posted stating permit holders only. I had parked my car and proceeded to go inside to my friends room to obtain a visitor pass however once i cam downstairs i had a parking ticket on my car. I was furious as i was only gone a short while to obtain what was required to park my vehicle there in the first place. The date today is 15/04/2015 and i have just received a 'Parking charge notice' fro
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