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  1. Will do. I'll post back in the morning with the info!
  2. Not a problem at all. Give me 5 and I'll do it now. Okay, that was a lot easier lol.
  3. I have a feeling this is void too. You see if the BOS is void, under the section SECURITY on the CCA, the security is my car. If they don't have this as security, the CCA should be void too?
  4. Well I appreciate all your help so far, so thank you for that. The most important thing for me is if I can't pay, can they break into my gates and then my garage to take the car? Bear in mind they don't have my new address yet. In the meantime, I'll be doing what I can to get the BOS voided. How enforceable are these loans with or without a BOS? Very interesting indeed!
  5. They do take a copy yes, but I was thinking, even if theirs wasn't, the fact that mine doesn't have one means mine was true of the day I got it. Theirs would have been altered after I signed. I would have to agree but how on earth would I go about having the BOS voided lol. Thank you, I really appreciate it.
  6. This is the exact words of the bottom of my BOS: _____________MY SIGNATURE______ (Borrower) Signed as a deed by the said MY NAME in the presence of THE LADY WHO GAVE ME THE LOAN'S NAME _________________________________________________ Witness signature: Witness Occupation: CASHIER Witness Address: Loans2Go BRANCH ADDRESS. That it literally the bottom of my BOS. No witness signature, nothing. The lady who gave me the loan and done my paperwork is the lady who's name is as witness but no signature at all. She did sign the Fixed Sum Loan agreement though. T
  7. I'll get on to that first thing in the morning. Thank you. When I do a reg check with them hpi text check services it show's up. One thing I will mention, the lady who gave me the loan didn't sign the BOS, no signature or witness signature. But she has put her name as the witness too. Does this matter? I read that it's not valid in this instance.
  8. No. How would I go about doing that? They gave me the following paperwork: Fixed-sum loan agreement regualted by the consumer credit act 1974 BOS information sheet Bill of sale Pre-contract credit information I checked my cars HPI and it's showing the loan though
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help. Recently my money has taken a turn for the worse with more going out than coming in. It's putting me and my partner under serious stress and difficulty and we just can't take anymore. I recently took out a logbook loan from Loans2Go in Feb for £700, the total repayment amount they are charging is £3,220.00 over 36 months. Well since then, things have gone down hill badly and it has left me unable to pay it anymore. I haven't missed a payment yet, but it's due very soon and I physically just do not have it. I r
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