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  1. just to add l’ve contacted Experian to enquire re putting a note on my file. I did contact them last time round but had no answer ( l will persist this time round). Might be worth while taking up the free trial in order to update details. Thanks for advice uncle l do appreciate it
  2. Great, l’ll do that. Do u think it would be ok to just reply to emsil with current address? Thanks
  3. Thanks uncle, lve moved 2 years ago & didn’t update address (after advice here). Creditors still have an old oz address. I
  4. Thanks dx100uk sorry if l annoyed you. I was just confused as conflicting advice from previous. think l’ll ignore email & continue on
  5. So should l update my address? l did ask on forum a while ago & the general consensus was to not bother updating my address as they knew l was living in oz. Thanks
  6. I’m presuming it was the one on my account as lve had it years, l kept the same one when l moved over to Oz
  7. lve asked for advice before & you’ve all been very helpful, lm currently Scottish living in oz with no intention of returning to Scotland other than for a visit. When l emigrated in 2015 I left some debt behind l paid it for 6 months then couldn’t afford it. I’ve informed creditors of emigration with address although l moved & didn’t update address (asked here & advised it was best just to get on with life). Tonight lve received an email from PRA group who have bought MBNA debt offering a discount. Should l engage (Probably can’t afford wh
  8. Thanks uncle I will make enquires into getting something put on my file, think it will make me feel better.
  9. Thanks dx hadn’t realised l had asked the question & couldn’t find existing thread. I’ve re read, thread. Looks like lm best ignoring & not doing update on address just makes me nervous
  10. Is that something that l can do? Didn’t realise that. Thanks
  11. It’s the oz post office l have redirected my mail from but still getting debt letters from Uk. I don’t know the current tenants. I’m aware it’s uk site l previously lived in uk but have relocated to oz.
  12. Hi there I’m in Australia & just wondering about the best way to update my address. I did have my mail being redirected but it’s coming to an end now. Just not sure what’s the best course of action as mail (few & far between) is being sent to my previous address in oz & don’t want yo take the chance of new tenant opening mail. Thanks
  13. Would you not bothered updating address then? Thanks
  14. Yeah we know the occupant & they’re letting us know when we have mail. This is the only company that we’ve received, Don’t want occupant annoyed
  15. I have an email address which l don’t use very much could l use that? This letter was posted on 31/5/18 & only received it recently so just thinking of the quickest way possible to let them know our address. Thanks
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