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  1. Thanks uncle I will make enquires into getting something put on my file, think it will make me feel better.
  2. Thanks dx hadn’t realised l had asked the question & couldn’t find existing thread. I’ve re read, thread. Looks like lm best ignoring & not doing update on address just makes me nervous
  3. Is that something that l can do? Didn’t realise that. Thanks
  4. It’s the oz post office l have redirected my mail from but still getting debt letters from Uk. I don’t know the current tenants. I’m aware it’s uk site l previously lived in uk but have relocated to oz.
  5. Hi there I’m in Australia & just wondering about the best way to update my address. I did have my mail being redirected but it’s coming to an end now. Just not sure what’s the best course of action as mail (few & far between) is being sent to my previous address in oz & don’t want yo take the chance of new tenant opening mail. Thanks
  6. Would you not bothered updating address then? Thanks
  7. Yeah we know the occupant & they’re letting us know when we have mail. This is the only company that we’ve received, Don’t want occupant annoyed
  8. I have an email address which l don’t use very much could l use that? This letter was posted on 31/5/18 & only received it recently so just thinking of the quickest way possible to let them know our address. Thanks
  9. Yeah they know we’re in oz, got the letter delivered to an address in oz just an old one. Should l give them my current address?! Court papers? I thought they couldn’t serve as we were in oz!
  10. Just after s little more advice. We’ve received a letter from Cabot Financial people at an address which we first lived in when we arrived ( we know the owners) the letter states that if no contact made they will continue to send letters etc. My question is should l ignore or email them with our new address ? I don’t want the owners of our previous rental getting harassed. I’m thinking of setting up a PO Box & would provide that as a correspondence address. Thanks
  11. Thanks, so obviously when redirection runs out the mail will either be binned by new tenants or returned to sender. Just worried about that in case it’s not
  12. You wouldn’t give them the new address? I have redirected my mail but it runs out in a month or so.
  13. Hi posted before & advice always been helpful. Been living in oz for last 3 years & have no plans to move back to Scotland. We have recently moved from a rental to our own property & will be letting MBNA, Nram & , Santander know our new address lm just worried that as we have bought a property obviously l won’t be stating that in letter but not sure if they look into that. Thanks again
  14. my FIL has had a letter from Lowell saying that if we don't pay within 14 days they'll be sending a sheriff officer round to collect the debt. Can they do this in Sccotland given its nothing to do with FIL? We have advised him to send them back as not at this address should we contact them by email with our address here in Australia? Also does anyone know if we can change our address to a Po box as we may need to move around and it would probably be easier to kept a box. Thanks Karen
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