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  1. I "fell behind" - actually refused to pay because the car had 1500 miles put on it from signing for the car and collecting it, i had £3000 worth of bills in 2 months, the garage warranty refused to pay out, finance company denied liability SO I REFUSED TO PAY. This took 4 months of non-payments for their collections department to contact me, after complaining to the manager, they instigated a VOLUNTARY TERMINATION! They advised me once the car is auctioned, any monies owing would be sought after by the car finance company either by debt recovery or court. I had to deliver the car to their allocated auction site and they refused to give me any paperwork for handing the car over, the finance company tried taking another months money but i made sure my standing order was cancelled. They blamed this was an error due to the xmas holidays and said once its been auctioned they will see how much is still owing. To my amazement, i received an annual statement and printed in black and white was: RETURNED ASSET OUTSTANDING BALANCE £6231 RETURNED ASSET AUCTION SALE £6231 CLOSING BALANCE £0 What a coincidence the car sold for the exact same amount that was owed, in other words it sold for more and they pocketed the rest
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