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  1. Thanks we are looking at doing that next week and no doubt there will be further correspondence with this guy I will mention the car dealers name soon once I have a plan. However, after now googling the company we are not the only ones having similar issues with this guy. their are bad reviews all over the place on them. Are there other options other than the bank?
  2. I need some advice please on how to get a deposit back after placing one on a 2nd hand car. 2 weeks ago we found a car at a small 2nd hand car dealer but it had some issues. The deal was we would purchase the car if the issues (repair some bodywork, pass MOT, fix door seal, stop car veering to right when driving) were rectified. We agreed and I placed a deposit of £495 (Car cost £3995) on a visa debit card, signed an agreement and left. I have returned today to collect the car after being told all repairs agreed were fixed and the car was ready. On arrival we found that only the MOT and the door seal was repaired. The car still veered to the right, the original bodywork damage hadn't been sorted and in fact there were more paintwork issues since we first inspected it and agreed the deal. The salesman offered to repair the bodywork issues for £100 discount or they would repair them but we had to come back a week later. I was not happy with this offer and instead requested a refund. Ultimately they had gone back on their word and now i didn't trust the deal. The sales man said he couldn't authorise the refund and put me onto a call with the manager. The manager listened to the issues raised, provided the same offer of £100 which I declined. He then told me it was his policy not to offer a refund and if I wanted my deposit he would "see me in court" after a heated exchange he then threatened to "send the boys round" I understand that if you change your mind you shouldn't be entitled to a refund but surely in this case i have a right? 1. he breached the original agreement 2. The goods are faulty and have not been supplied correctly. the car is actually still for sale on a number of websites so surely i can also argue that he is not at a loss. what options do i have? thanks for any advice
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