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  1. Thank you Dx100uk, I managed to sleep a bit more soundly last night. If they do go for a claim form, do I lose the chance to pay in instalments, as I can’t afford to pay it in one go, or else I would. Sorry for sounding so stupid about this, I thought we had sorted nearly everything and then this happened. These letters always scare me!
  2. Ok, so is this just another scare tactic? Was just worried as I’d read online that BW always go for legal action. Thank you for all your advice
  3. Yes it’s on credit file. Just had a look and last registered payment was Nov 16. It’s for £1.2k, can’t see a default date on clearscore but must be after Nov 16 anyway. Just had a look at the letter again and it’s titled letter of claim, but all says may rather than will, so hoping that makes the difference. The account was opened and ran online, no physical signatures have been made by me on the account.
  4. Thank you for moving for me. I’m not sure exactly, but would guess at at least 1 year since we paid it. We stopped when my husbands work went into administration and he was made redundancy with no pay. That was 3 years ago and I’m sure we struggled for a while and then had to stop paying.
  5. Hi there, I’m hoping I can get some advice from all you knowledgable people on here. We have a few debts which have ran up but this one that’s raised its head was originally a Simply Be account which was passed over to Lowell. Had the usual threatograms from them and now it’s been transferred to BW Legal. They sent a couple of letters and now have passed it to BW Scotland. The letter today says full payment or contact required by 5th April or they may start court proceedings. Now I have looked into this and I can see lots of cases where they have gone for court action, but those letters seem to be worded differently to this one. As it says we may issue proceedings not we will. Is this something I need to worry about or should I just keep ignoring for now? I don’t want to contact them as I’m very easily bullied by them and end up agreeing to things I can’t afford. Hence always being in trouble! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Fkofilee thank you so much for that, it's going to come in very handy! So just as a matter of interest I called up Lowell but withheld my number and asked as a general question naming no companies or anything if they had the facility to do what EE have said, and surprise surprise they don't! The person at Lowell advised that my "friend" contact CAB for advice on what I was told! So I have it direct from the horses mouth that they can't do this! So I'm taking it all the way now!
  7. Fkofilee that would be great if you could give me some pointers in what to write that would be great. I just want to be able to upgrade my contracts and change price plan ect. The more I've thought about it the more angry I'm getting as they guy was on the phone for about 30 mins and kept switching his story. I had initially phoned up to change a price plan which incidentally went through fine with a different advisor. And when I spoke to this advisor about migrating my number from Orange to EE then this story about Lowell having locked my accounts came about. When I pulled him up on the fact they had just changed a price plan he went away for a while, the came back and said it was because that line was originally on EE it was allowed! He then proceeded to tell me about his experiences with owing O2 money and he offered £1 per month and that was fine and he paid it for the next 330 months, but I think he forgot his maths as he would still be paying it as it would take 27 years! I'm hoping that I'll get some sort of resolution from EE, but I think now that I've had all your opinions that I've been led up the garden path somewhat as I did wonder how Lowell had the authority to come in and block an account that has no arrears. Seems like this is a new way from EE to force you to speak to Lowell.
  8. That's good to know re the PAC code! Sorry I have gotten my dates wrong, it would have defaulted about 12-15 months ago, I was thinking the upgrade happened last Nov, but it was the year before as the upgrades on the existing ones are due in Nov this year. I will definetely send a complaint in, but I know from previous experience that they are not great with handling them as I had quite a serious data breach issue and it was swept under the carpet, but I know now I should have tried harder to get a resolution. Thank you so much for all the replies they really are appreciated
  9. Well it's stopping me in that I can't upgrade, leave or take my number to a new network I have to pay forever more without ever getting a new phone or even lowering how much we pay. They defaulted about 6 months ago I think. I want to do the right thing and sort it out, but as I say I have about 10 account which are SB in the next couple of months and I don't want to re-ignite them. I know I owe the money, but due to redundancy I can't repay anything substantial and I wanted to cancel and unwanted line which they won't allow me to do, so they are keeping me in contract against my wishes. I'll try EE again armed with this info and see what they say. Thanks for all the help so far
  10. Just to update, I got the exact same chain of letters that was posted and now it's gone a bit quiet for now, but no doubt they'll be back soon but I know for sure this is now SB.
  11. It's not the phones which are blocked, it's any activity on the account from EE's end such as upgrades, cancellations ect. Or so they say anyway! It's a new one on me tbh, but I know they can refuse your business for whatever reason so I don't want to push too hard and lose all my lines!
  12. It's roughly £2.5k that's owed over two lines. It's the whole contract that's due because of a cock up with Phones 4 u and a little bit of my own error as well. I upgraded 4 numbers on the same day with P4U and upgraded to EE. They declined to tell me it starts a new contract and I ended up with a huge bill 5 days after I had just paid which was fine, but only 1 DD set up for Orange and EE which I thought was correct, but actually it should have been a separate DD per line as it started a new account on EE, I just let it go and then the line disconnected it wasn't being used for a while, i didn't realise and it was passed to collections and here we are. In amongst all this my hubby was made redundant which hasn't helped and we struggled to keep above water and these are way down my list. My Dads work number of 20 years in on the account though and my Mums which a she uses for her business, so I can't afford to loose these numbers, I can live with losing mine and my hubby's. I'm just at a loss as I'm trying to be sensible and pay all priority debts quickly but I don't feel this is fair as I've paid these accounts for years with no issue and there are 4 upgrade due in the next few months!
  13. I did wonder, as they've given me Lowells number to ring and the account numbers that are in question. I checked Noddle there and one is still showing as being with EE and the other I can't find in my many Lowell entries! I asked that question and the guy from EE says that his hands are tied and all activity in both accounts has been blocked by Lowell and until I call and make a payment plan then I can't upgrade, leave, migrate or do anything. I have a line which is due to end soon and I just wanted to cancel and was told they couldn't accept the notice as all activity was blocked but we can still use our phones and I just pay as normal. Apparently if the accounts were still with EE collections then they could overwrite the desicion but now they are with Lowell its up to them and I have to ask them to unblock it! It sounded a bit pie in the sky to me, but apparently any account I've ever held with EE under them or Orange are linked so Lowell will lock the lot! So what do I need to say to EE as I really want to keep my service as my credit is so bad I can't move to anyone else at the moment?
  14. Hi all, I got some great help here in the past so looking for some more advice. I have an account with Orange and an account with EE which are both up to date and paid on time and have been for several years, these contain all the families numbers and I get the money from everyone and pay by DD. Anyway I called up today to be told that my accounts have been locked by Lowell! Basically I have an old unrelated account from a while ago which was the result of a phones 4 u nightmare, which has been passed to Lowell and they helpfully have barred any activity on my EE and Orange account, so I've been told today, I cannot upgrade, change price plan or even get my PAC code and leave the network until I speak to Lowell! First thing I want to know is can Lowell actually do this on unrelated accounts which are not delinquent and get paid by DD every month? The guy from EE seemed to think that if I phoned up Lowell and offered them £1 per month then all would be fine, but I'm wary at having to phone them as I know they will pressure me into paying more than I can afford. If it wasn't for the fact that my Dads work number was on the account then I would tell them to do one, but EE say their hands are tied and this is all Lowells doing. I have quite a few accounts with Lowell which are due to go SB this year and I fear that by calling them it will restart anything with my name on it! If I have to call them is there anything I can say to stop them reigniting these as they go SB literally in 2 months. I'm in Scotland if that helps any. Thanks a million for any advice.
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