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  1. Hi all, I know it's been a while but I have had a reply from WF in regards to the complaint letter I wrote after receiving my SAR. On the surface it seems like quite good news, as a recap ill explain bullet point the past couple of months: Requested SAR SAR arrived, We noticed the Interest rate had been increased without our knowledge and there appeared to be loads of charges on a/c. Complaint letter sent highlighting both IR and charges - Compound interest calculator used and posted with complaint. The attached 3 page document is what was received mid way throug
  2. No, no other pages with CCA, I have since written a letter before action stating that they have failed to comply with my paid requests and that I will give 7 working days before taking action. I'll not hold my breath!!! But I have also queried interest rates and their lack of current up to date loan activity documents.
  3. To add to that, at 1 point when my wife was making reduced payments they reduced the interest, to 0.79% but put it back up to 1.85% after I took over and made large payments that were monthly. Please see attached PDF's. However we have never been informed about any other changes to our Interest rate or APR % rising to 22.2%.
  4. Is that the '' allocates and expenses however caused or incurred by the lender in relation to this charge or any agreement covered by this charge'' Don't even understand what it means if I'm being really honest theoldrouge ?
  5. I know, this sucker is going to haunt me into my grave I fear, Have sent a letter off already asking them to re calculate the PPI rebate and have asked them to re calculate loan in accordance with the 17% agreement and not the 22% made up number they appear to have been charging me. Just waiting for a reply by them but it will no doubt be another load of rubbish they send back in an effort to muddy the preverbiale waters. In the meantime just trying to chuck everything I have at it, The bread and water is getting tiresome !!!
  6. Well I have Received the INFO from my SAR request and I have to say I'm very disappointed in what DATA I have received. Included was my CCA which if you read the thread I had already asked for via another request, an activities table / spread sheet that only goes up to November 2013, Loan History spreadsheet that only goes up to September 2013, a MIDA Comments sheet that only covers the year of 2007, Payment History sheet that runs up to March 2008, 1 complaint that I wrote in with in December 2102 and finally transcripts of very few telephone conver
  7. Yes the second customer is my wife. There are subtle differences between the signature for the loan and the signature for the insurance (both customer 1 signatures). Is it worth a letter asking for the calculations used for the refund of the PPI before going down the route of trying to claim it back ? For any other person who is going through similar, I have attached my compound interest calculation sheet to this thread to give you an idea of where to start as it was all new stuff to me too. Note I have put the highest rate of interest I have been quoted as paying, so am
  8. Thanks for that dx, much appreciated, I will post my findings on here for anybody else that is mathematically challenged. Also any advice on the spurious signature signing me up for PPI ( of which I have allready claimed) and something called " life24" of which I'm almost certain I would not of opted for as I have far better life and accident insurance policies running for this type of agreement from sources that cater for serving soldiers. I never opt in for policies that are sold as part of a loan agreement. Thanks
  9. Yep, happy with the fees but I'm just sitting down now to enter all the data. Im being charged numerous amounts of capitalisation inside a month, 1 large amount which I understand is the interest on the loan and in a lot of cases another capitalisation fee which is a carbon copy of the amount I have paid in fees within that month. Ive read through lots of threads on here but have not seen this before in any of them. Its as though I'm paying the Fees twice within a month and they are calling it 2 separate things?
  10. Does that change the compound interest rate or is a standard 17.46% and should I put the ''capitalisation'' charges on that mirror the FEE charges early on in the loan agreement i.e. on the same day a fee of £25 followed by a capitalisation fee of £25 on the same day, numerous times ?
  11. I will do, thanks for the advice swell dx it's much appreciated. Just another question regarding my APR % : On my CCA it states that the APR % IS 17.83% yet on my statement it says it's 22.20%. Is there a reason why it is different ? Also does any body know why on my statement it has a fee of £10 and then on the same day it has a Capitalisation charge of the exact same amount ? It is as though they are charging me a fee and putting an exactly the same Interest charge on for the same amount and the statement is littered with them ?
  12. Yes that was the PPI repayment. Do I just write to WF asking them to credit the balance with the amount of FEES / CHARGES ? can't imagine they will be very forthcoming with it...... Or do I get in touch with FOS or FSA ? I dont suppose anybody has a template for how that letter might go ? Thanks a lot dx
  13. my CCA has arrived along with a statement covering the entire loan period. First of all I see discrepancy with one of my signatures on the CCA, sure enough the top signature on the agreement looks correct, however the one directly bellow looks similar but there is aspects of it that just don't ring true and never have. The PPI as already mentioned has been claimed back and deducted from the loan, but I'm not sure if i was paying any interest on the PPI in the early days and if that has also been deducted. anyone that looks at the link will also notice that in the early years of
  14. Think your right Ford however I called their customer relations dept stating the facts and they very quickly said they have now received the postal orders and that my SAR and CCA will be delivered in the in 40 and 12 days respectively. I obviously stated that 5 of these days have already past and I will be e levying them within the timescales from when you signed for them which I have an electronic signature for. Went down like a bag of bricks for them but said they would comply. I know it's only the start but feels like a little win !
  15. Sorry I might not of explained properly: I have already requested both CCA and a SAR in two separate requests. They are stating that they have received them but not the payment. A postal order for £10 was placed in the SAR request and sent special delivery. A postal order for £1 was put in the CCA request and sent special delivery as well. So it stands to reason they will not send me either of them ?
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