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  1. Thnx for info. I'm in the unenviable position that Zurich has wantonly snubbed me from early may. A friend downloaded a (IRISH) claim form for me which I sent to Zurich(special delivery -£6.45!). Par for the course, I never heard from them! Ditto, a second claim form (I've used up my two 'protected') but likewise snubbed! In short, yes I have relentlessly attempted engaging Zurich to no avail. I am 'filling time' (until they do) by getting myself prepared, as i've heard they insist using nationwide ex.... something, whose reputation goes before them). Also, it would be quicker for me to get
  2. Since my thanks, I tried FOS site. I could not find your recommendation (they have info on authorised repairers/alternatives),this w/site greenie couldn't find info; not even in FAQ or inputting my query. I phoned, responder didn't give name, but he sounded nervous. He went away (Muzak!), returned rating he could not find that info! He said to ring motor codes(0207 3441651) who will give my local repairer - why! I know of one Zurich used to use - doh! London from Devon isn,t mobile friendly - more so if I'm dealing with an idiot? I looked on their website. Yes, a list of 'garages' bu
  3. Thank you for your helpful info. (Why is there not a "thanks" button on cat site. It takes me ages to work the site - I'm a technophobe newbie!)
  4. Please, does anyone know if Zurich has approved repairers other than the 'infamous nationwide'. I am trying to get Zurich to repair my car since August, but I heard a rumour this company is their "nearest" to me.- tosh. It might look fine on a map, but the logistics of where it ACTUALLY is by road from me is a nightmare. Notwithstanding, but this company's reputation goes ahead of them; that I don't want them newer my car - especially if I have to keep going back and forth, when they c**k up! Assuming Zurich won't use a former (excellent) repairer they used, and proper local', d
  5. No I musn't tar all with the same brush, but our gentle way of life is being eroded by people continuing to live their former rushed, stressful existences rather than slowing down to our pace and trying to fit in. It's so much simpler to attain and still do what you want without being so hyper-demanding all the time? Blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks to the fore instead. Anyway i take no comfort he has upset many other customers and intended weeks his takings went down 29%. However I am consoled that down here, news (good or bad) is spread by word of mouth, and people vote with their fee
  6. A ps: further to my answer, no real excuse but I have come into forums late ( I vowed never to - I was savaged by mumsnet the one time I did feature in the media! Only this issue has incensed me enough to dip my toe - but I'm useless at finding my way around forums (replying briefly - do they get to the poster? Etc). Also i live 'off grid' so no 247 electricity equals no signal/internet. But I'm not a quitter. I hate I unwarranted aggression AND injustice.amen
  7. Thnx for post. I agree about not putting his staff in the firing line! Also, village duck races test the journalistic mettle of local reporters down here -too much of fishing to peers, and not wishing to be seen to rock the boat. (Although a tavistock town council staff did put his head above the parapet by advertising for a local hand job!. That went viral, Yet didn't make the local rag either. I digress...... Thnx for contact.
  8. Thnx for post I will write back. And I will have a chat to the police also. But I'm not holding my breath. These days no one takes responsibility and no one wants to know - too much hassle; too much paperwork (police) Thnx for contact.
  9. Thnx for post. I'm very sorry but I don't know WHY he was so vitriolic and needlessly violent. I wish I did - only that he has proved being an impotent coward to engage mindless violence and against a female; elderly and disabled to boot. Maybe that is how urbanites behave? Down here we are far more passive and gentle. But the more upcountry blow ins we get moving down here (even tourists) the more aggression they bring with them; yet seem to leave any politeness/manners on the M5. Thanks for writing.
  10. Thnx for post. I wrote only post office(not royal mail). Customer services sent such a chronic standard letter, I wrote to CEO (London I think - I'm inmycar without file to hand). She wrote d it will be investigated and get back to me. I received a letter asking to speak to me - the 'customer co-ordinator'? (Ditto file not to hand) was seeing the 'bouncer' at2pm he could see me at 3! Nothing to lose, and I wanted to know the reason (correction excuse) for his unprovoked violence too! Needless to say it was an utter knee jerk fob off - a protection of fellow comrade in the Brotherhood!
  11. Thnx for post. Not only did ifear how brutal his violence could become but from past knowledge; there is no guarantee the police would have attended or 'in time! One only sees police presence for the tourists. Also, he so scared me; my immediate reaction was to get away from him asap.He was so red mist, his brainstorm could have been capable of anything! Also there was the girl who served my pension, but could I lose her her job to be my witness. He's already brow-beaten on older staff member-cum-facetious 'written warning' she's I'll with stress. It's a nonsense when notices (seen bishops)
  12. Hi, newbie here. I'm not sure this is a 'consumer' issue, but I do need tangible help . For years I have collected my pension from my Post Office. Or I did until 24th August, when after transacting my pension, I went to pick up papers, when the newly installed ex-Guildford - nightclub bouncer? - sub-postmaster dashed round the counter , slammed his hand on the paper and bellowed I am not having papers from his shop - indeed to enforce his still voluble and physical aggression he hard gripped my right arm - it felt like a stab wound, and frog-marched me from the shop
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