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  1. Hello all, I'm here to update as promised. Im so grateful to you all for the advice and support you gave me at what I consider the lowest point of my life. As I posted last year, I spoke to my Dr who placed me on antidepressants and I'm kicking myself for not getting help sooner. I feel a lot better now and I'm beginning to forgive myself. Went back to work in the financial sector last October. I didn't disclose the diversion as I called the police information line and was told it would not come up in a crb check Needless to say my check came back clean! I renewed my work permit this year and that went fine as well. And finally I requested a police report for immigration purpose and this came back with no live trace! I am so grateful what happened was seen as our of character and I will not have to live with the consequences forever. I'm yet to hear from RLP but I honestly can't be a***d about them. If there's anyone in this position reading my post, don't hesitate to ask me questions, I will definitely respond since I've walked in same shoes. Thank you all once more!
  2. I'm afraid so. I've tried contacting the department of social justice but my case worker is away on holiday. It didn't occur to me to contact DBS. Thanks, would do that. I've made a small donation to the forum. Thanks you al for your help and I'll keep you updated.
  3. I've read up a bit about it and its just so unclear. I don't want to disclose I and put myself at a disadvantage if I don't have to. Guess, I'll jus wait and see what happens.
  4. Thanks peggysue, I'll quote excerpts from my letter. " I am writing to let you know that the PF has now considered your case and is satisfied that no further proceedings are required. This in effect means that your case is finished and will not result in a conviction being recorded against you." It appears we had different outcomes. I'm just unsure if this means there will be no hits on a check.
  5. Thanks Bazooka, I never got a caution. I thought I did, but what the officer meant was the caution statement when the read me my rights.
  6. Hi guys, I'm happy to say the diversion program is over and no further action was taken. The social worker was great. We had a long chat and I was very honest with her. She recommended the case be closed after 1 visit , and asked my health visitor to help with my post natal depression. Things are looking up now and I'm happy. I just have one question. Since the casehas been NFAd, will I still need to declare it on forms and will it come up in criminal checks? I hope to go back to work in a few months and I'm a bit apprehensive about this knowing how competitive the job market is. RLP have sent a.Couple of letters, one reducing the amount they want Me to pay and the other saying they were recommending primarily to forward to a debt collector. Ive ignored all their letters to date. Thanks for your help. I shall be making a donation. Sorry for typos. Typing with a wriggling baby in one hand.
  7. Thank you dx and Ford. Yes I saw the link upthread. I'll keep posting whatever RLP gifts me with. I'm sure a few people will find it useful as I've found other posts.
  8. Thanks for your help guys. Sorry I'm just coming back. I haven't heard anything from social work. I've done a lot of research on this and I've also sought advice. Apparently the diversion thing is to keep cases that are not in public interest out of court and aimed at young offenders, females and people who have never had problems with the police. I will be taking up the "assistance from social work" as its a way to get help. Expecting the next letter from RLP ( the least of my worries now). I would like to know if not paying the fees would affect my credit rating once their debt collectors are involved.
  9. Hi guys, I have just gotten a mail in the post from the procurator fiscal. The summary is that I've been offered a diversion from prosecution. "The circumstances of the offence, however, suggests that instead of being prosecuted you might benefit from some assistance from the Social work department..." Can anyone who is familiar with this please let me know the implications of this and how it works? Does this constitute a criminal record? TIA.
  10. No, I haven't. Does the absence of this mean the police have decided to take no further action? I plan to request a SAR so I can know what exactly is on my record.
  11. Thank you Labrat, I actually thought of that which is why I deleted the initial upload I've been contacted again today. I had been considering replying with mitigating factors based on how the events of the day happened and the security men's contradictions. However, today's letter clearly states they don't have to take it into consideration. How many more of these letters do I have to look forward to. I take it, they will only become more aggressive from now. Thank you all for keeping me sane.
  12. That's an interesting read. They must really detest this site. I take it I shouldn't respond or send a one liner?
  13. Hi all, I got the letter from rlp last week. It seems like the usual but there's an extra FAQ list attached. It has a line that says "this is not a speculative invoice". I'm a bit worried about this because someone here used that same phrase speculative invoice. Has anything changed since I was last here re ignoring RLP or have they just been monitoring this site? I've attached the letter I received and the FAQ list. Kindly go through and let me know if I should ignore as previously advised or otherwise. Thanks
  14. The £95 was the cost of exchange using the clothes I didn't pay for, again this figure is ridiculous as I paid at the till and had an unreceipted exchange. I eventually found the receipt but they collected everything from me. I wasn't made to sign anything re the caution, however, I would pay for an enhanced check to ser where I stand. How long do you think I should give it to see if its on my records? I understand him wanting to check the children's welfare. He seemed to be satisfied after he saw them. No further questions and they left immediately. Also don't remember them saying anything about further contact. I will be seeing to my mental health as adviced and will keep updating as necessary. Thank you all for your help. I feel a bit better now, even though I can't stop tearing up whenever I remember details of it.
  15. Thank you all for taking the time to reply. Silverfox, that's the exact letter I was given. I didn't complete my post earlier because I had to attend to my baby. A lot of what happened yesterday was foggy and the security officers said different things about it as well. One of them said I concealed the clothes, while another said I took them at the customer service desk. The area was deserted with only one cashier, I didn't want to hold up the line while I was looking for the receipt for the items I wanted to exchange, so I put my things on the desk and emptied my bag and basket, the cashier told me she could do an unreceipted exchange if I couldn't find it. Here is where I am confused as to how the clothes got into my bag as he claims I added it to the things I was refunding while the other said I concealed them. I know I'm rambling but I'm just remembering some details and I'm trying to process it myself. I was told to admit to theft to avoid them calling the police which I did. They found the clothes with me anyway so it would have been hard to say otherwise. My husband wants us to go into Primark to see the manager and explain I have no idea how it happened and perhaps have them review the cctv footage. He wants to do this for my peace of mind cos I've been in pieces since yesterday. Do you think this is a good idea? I now cringe at the thought of going to the shops talk less of primark. Re the caution, will it affect my chances of securing a job in the future. I plan to go bac theto work when my children are a bit older. I was formerly in customer service in the finance sector. Will the police be contacting me regarding a fine? Also what effect will it have on my immigration applications when the time comes for the family to renew our visa. We are all dependants on my husband's work permit. The most worrying is that of social service. Honestly I'm not sure if he did say so, but I've convinced myself overnight that he did otherwise why would he takes their details. I am yet to go for my 6 weeks post natal check. I will discuss this with the Gp as I forgot so many things about yesterday and they are only just coming back to me. That being said, that might have been to the fact that I was very distraught. So many questions I know, but I will be able to deal with it better mentally if I can get as much answers as I can. This has never happened which makes it all the more worrisome.
  16. Hello, I was apprehended by security in primark yesterday after I left the shop. I went back into the detention room and he searched my bag. He brought out the items I hadn't paid for and called the police on me. I really do not have an excuse for this and I am greatly ashamed. I panicked and started crying and apologizing, even agreed to pay the £95, now I don't know how that value came by because I did some exchange and paid some money via my card, I was too distraught to challenge it but that is not even the problem. The security man collected my provisional driver's license, wrote down my details and passed it on to the police men when they arrived. One of the cops went with the security man while the other sat with me. I wouldn't exactly call it an interview, he questioned me gently and went through the things I had which were all baby clothes (I have a 2, month old) I told him I needed to call to make sure my baby was alright but he said I could only do that at the station. I broke down into tears again and he offered to call my mum who was watching my kids and tell her I was with the police but well and fine. I declined this offer cos I didn't want my mum to know anything about what was going on. She would have been very disappointed. The process seemed to be dragging and I told the cop I needed to be home to breastfeeding my baby, he said I would have to go in with them and it was going to take a few hours. I started crying again, he asked if I had ever had a run in with the police and I said no. He said the only help he could offer if my trace came back clean was to call his sergeant and get clearance for him not to take me into the station so I could get home soon. Now, so many little processes were followed by primarily staff, such as refunding my money, giving back my exchange... But they were all a blur as I was in a state by then. The police took my children's date of birth and said they were going to pass it on to ss to make sure they were all right and I could get a visit or not. I refused to do this at first cos they are innocent in all this. Secondly, I was taken into the van and heard him call his sergeant and said something about caution or process on the street, I'm not sure of the exact words. He read me my rights and basically said I won't be taken to court if I pleaded guilty. Which I did. What is this street processing or caution? Will it go on my records for life? 3rd, primark gave me a printout saying I should expect civil recovery. Again what and how will this be handled. Lastly, I was taken home by the police, they wanted to make sure my kids were ok, I requested that they wait in the hallway cos of my mum. He agreed to wait outside the door but held the door open with his feet. I brought them to him and they left. I have been unable to sleep and I've berated myself for this foolish act. What a great price to pay for something so silly. Sorry this is a long post, I wanted to include as much details as I can.
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