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  1. I recently received a PBP pay out of £2439.55 although this was used to offset a different account I have with Barclaycard collections despite having a repayment plan in place I'm happy with. The breakdown for the amount is. PBP cover £825.95 Fees £36 Interest on premium and fees £1322.53 Income tax deduction £63.76 8% interest compensation £318.83 The problem is I was given no information as to how these calculations were made and what they were based on. The time period was 75 months and my APR was 29.9%. What also confused me was when I rang Barclaycard the operator initially quoted a figure of £4310 and quickly backtracked when I questioned that figure. How do I know these figures are accurate? And could I get the money paid to me rather than it offsetting a debt I was repaying? Thanks for reading.
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