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  1. Thank you both very much for your kind help, I will certainly look into the pension issues
  2. Hi everyone, Can someone help me on compensatory awards which arise from unfair dismissal? I was a member of a final salary pension scheme. Would the loss of my pension rights be included in the 12 month cap? I understand that it could limit my claim to just 12 months salary. My claim as it stands would be for 12 months loss of earnings on its own. There is also the matter of an ACAS uplift applicable because of the actions of my ex employer. Would such an uplift be included in the 12 month cap or is it additional to? Thank you in advance for any advice
  3. Thank you very much, you have made it quite clear. But I wonder if you could help me by pointing out any cases (or where I could start looking) to go to next stage? Thank again
  4. Hello everyone, I really hope you can give me some advice please. My employer says I have two contracts. I have been working a number of years carrying out a specific role on a part time basis working 7.5 hours per week. In addition my employer offered me if I wished to, extra work not connected with my part time role. Over the years I have consistently taken up this offer and I believe it became expected of me and my hours spent on this work exceeded 10 hours per week which was more than my contract for fixed hours. The employer is arguing that because the role was different, it was i
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