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  1. Ok I hear that! I will let sleeping dogs lie and not poke them! If they ever find me then I have the medical evidence to deal with it anyways Thank you for your help and advice - tonight I will sleep WITHOUT meds!
  2. It is scary when you realize how much in service fee's and interest charges it amounts up to - probably a huge chunk of that ! We have NO credit here ( too poor) but that is a GOOD thing! They love to push credit here - even to people like us that are living on the poverty line. Financial institutions profiting off people's poverty and need ( i.e. medical bills ) - it's just so wrong. But I guess that is the way of the world. Thank God for people like you and others on this site that can offer help and support without judgment. You have no idea ( well you probably do based upon the thanks you all receive for what you do!) how grateful I, and others are for that help and support. I was in a very dark place, it scared me so much! I was more scared of that hanging over my head than dealing with the cancer! So THANK YOU and Bazooka Boo and everyone else involved with this site for just being there Oh I have a question - should I contact the SLC ? Yes I can get the medical evidence required I was just wondering about lifting my head above the radar with them re: my contact details here in case the information gets passed to any DCA that might have me on their 'search' list ? I did read somewhere about student loans being wiped out when a person reaches 55 ?? ( I was a mature student) and I am older than that now - what do you think?
  3. Thanks for the heads up dx ! The address I searched is the sole and last address I was at in the UK - I went from there to here. The CCJ I was paying off in 2007 was via that address. That is also the only address that the bank has. Presumably if they were going to seek a CCJ that would be the address they would use as they have no other.
  4. Thank you SO much! Big EXHALE! I know I was stupid and yes I could have made 'better choices' but I screwed up and 'life' just took over. I can relax for the first time in years now! Tomorrow, the next day and the day after that brings what it brings - at least I can look forward
  5. Thanks dx100uk! PHEW!!! I am feeling so much relieved now! I can stop rocking in that chair so much! Thank GOD! For sites / people like you you all that I could reach out to! I have been more worried about this than ANY of my cancer check ups! Yes even the last one when they *thought* it had progressed to Stage 4 ! Ok I did the Trust Online thing could only afford to do the one search group : England and Wales Orders & Judgments ( which I did in both my maiden and my then married name) and I got this result : NOTHING REGISTERED So I guess that means there are NO CCj's ? No idea what happened to the previous one that I was paying off back in 2007 even that wasn't on there. I hope I did the right search!
  6. Thank you Bazooka Boo for your prompt response!!! It has taken me an age to write that post because putting it all in writing seems to make it all 'real' and it's something I have trying to ignore for a long time! I am so embarrassed and ashamed I got myself into this mess - but dealing with just basic survival here with my illness and my husbands ( in and out of the hospital practically every week) has pushed me literally to breaking point! I realized I needed to do SOMETHING when I found myself calling the Samaritans the other night because I just needed someone to talk to! Yesterday I told my husband of the mess I was in ( I have been keeping it from him because he didn't need the worry ) and that was a HUGE relief! It doesn't solve anything BUT between him and the help and advice I can get here maybe I can ease up on the number of Valium I am taking just to 'block' this all out and stop the panic attacks I will check with that Trust Online and see if there have been any CCj's issued. AFAIK those are the 'only' debts I have - 1,200 to the existing CCJ and the Bank Overdraft ( plus their charges) I shall report back when I get the information. Being in the USA and NOT a citizen ( couldn't afford the rest of the fees ) I do not receive ANY benefits here other than my medical treatment for the cancer. If I were a citizen then I would be eligible to receive disability benefits. I will however get my oncologist to write a report for the SLC detailing my condition and how I am unfit for work - would that ( given the circumstances re: my non citizenship status) suffice for the SLC? As it is we exist off $740 a month ( husbands disability) out of which we pay for EVERYTHING, rent, utilities and a little food ( we use the food bank) We have to borrow money each month from whatever source we can just to get by. So as you can see even a nominal repayment of my debts is impossible right now - we are in quick sand and just managing to avoid going under completely. Once again thank you so much for replying - I am so grateful for your help
  7. I am at my wits end! Truly I am at the stage were I can no longer sleep, am having massive panic attacks and I just want this all to go away! But I know it wont. I need help. I met and married my USA husband in 2007 ( while on vacation) and I left a huge mess behind me in the UK. Well it wasn't a mess then but it has become one over the years. It was always our intention to return and reside in the UK but 'life' got in the way here (his mother's advanced progressing cancer then me being diagnosed with cancer ) Plus my husband is quadriplegic and any return to the UK was then financially impossible as I wouldn't be able to meet the financial requirements ( due to my illness employment wise) to bring him into the UK to live. Any possible chance of returning home and sorting out my mess became a pipe-dream. Dealing with my cancer plus caring for him 24/7 just piled the sand over my head deeper. When I left the UK I had a CCJ (store-card - approx debt £1,200) that I was paying off at £5 a month - this was via direct debit from my bank. I had an authorized bank overdraft of 5k ( which was maxed out in my immediate months here - immigration fees and maintaining standing orders for services back in the UK ) I own the leasehold to a small flat in the UK, which I have tried to maintain with tenants to just basically live and cover service charges for - but that has been a disaster, non payment of rent etc. The property now stands vacant in a state of disrepair ( I am trying to get it in a fit state to sell with the help of friends back in the UK but that is difficult with no funds). I also had a student loan taken out pre-1998 ( the payments of which were deferred in the UK due to disability) I have NO idea what the situation is with the bank as I have had no contact with them since the end of 2007. The same goes for the SLC and the people I was paying my CCJ to. Any mail that they may have sent I did not receive due to my 'tenants'. I was never informed of any even when I asked. I want to sort this out but I have no idea where to start! Quite frankly I am scared to make contact because I am not in a position ( at the moment) to offer any financial recompense. I know debts just don't 'go away', I don't know what I owe ( no doubt the bank would have added on their charges etc ) I do not know if they would have closed the account after this many years or if it will still be accumulating charges. The bank card was blocked late 2007 IIRC - obviously reached my agreed authorized O/D limit. I am now totally despairing of there being any solution.. I am so exhausted worrying about this and trying to keep my head above the water here in the USA some days I really don't feel like there is any point in living. The accompanying depression and anxiety disorder don't help either. I should also state that it is impossible for us to return to the UK ( I cannot even afford the plane fare - haven't been back there since I came here) BUT should /when my cancer become terminal ( I am stage 3 at the moment) then it is my intention to go back home to be with my family. Not the best of 'homecomings' but a necessary one. I really don't want to be having to deal with all of this when that time comes - nor have them dealing with it. I have a number of questions namely would the bank still have been applying the overdraft interest rate once the limit had been reached - i.e. for the last 8 years ? Would they have handed the debt over to a DCA after all this time with no contact from me ? We live off practically nothing here and I am not able to offer any substantial payments. Should I contact the bank or the DCA they * may * have handed the account to to try and resolve this situation? I am at breaking point right now hence the reason I have reached out just hoping that someone , anyone can offer me some advice Thank you for taking the time to read this
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