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  1. I had a similar letter (for over £3,000) and when I question it and asked for details, they sent information that was totally incorrect (I was supposed to be working for some company at the time I was claiming benefits)- told them to stop bothering me about this and heard nothing since
  2. Hi Yes in sunny Scotland, although the overpayment relates to when I was living in England. I spoke to them last night and they are going to send details of the overpayments, basically they have said I was working and earning money above the threshold of the incapacity limits- but as yet have not provided details. To be clear, this debt was not included in the trust deed (I was not even aware of it at the time), but my interpretation is that when they advertise the trust deed it is to give any creditors to come forward to make a 'claim' and have asked DWP to explain why they dd not c
  3. Hi OK many thanks- but will they not know this and advise they have only found out about this? This was related to a claim 11 years ago. A few years ago I entered and completed a protected trust deed- so unsure why they did not make any approach then- and whether that effects my obligation to pay them back? I suppose I must pluck up to courage to give them a ring, or can I just ignore the letter? Many thanks for your advice Michael
  4. Hello I have just recieved a letter from DWP Debt Mangagement- regarding £3684. To be honest I think this relates to me claiming incapacity benefit for a period wholst I was at University studying a MSc where I was also given a grant. This was ovr 10 years ago and have not received any previous leters about this. I'm worried they could prosecute me over this? althoguh stil not sure if I was breaking the law or not. Would this be statue barred? Should I ring them up (as they have requested or ignore the letter? I have not claimed any benefits for over 10 years
  5. Hi I've spoke to NATWEST and basically they are not prepared to consider my case- Perhaps an obvious question but should I just wait untill they are prepared to hear the case or do I file at the local court Thanks
  6. Thanks- a bit of a relief- so I don't have to do anything else for now?
  7. Hi]]I was getting lots of hassle of Bryan Carter and Fredrickson Inernational about a very old (but not statue barred) Littlewoods account- After sending them a letter Littlewoods (shop Direct) have just replied saying they do not have the origional credit agreement- do I have to do anything else or will anything else happen Thanks
  8. Hi I'm in a similar situation with NATWEST- I'm in a DPM (been paying for 3 1/2 years) and now owe them 1600 but 1400 is in charges- if they dont refund I was thinking of just not paying anything (putting it on hold like they are) but really would like this money to clear this debt and focus on the other two so I would be finished earlier- I've just sent them another letter but looks like I may have to go to court Any advise
  9. Hi Yes, I will do- I used a postal order for the original request for AKTIV- Royal Mail said it was delivered- but as advised I have had no response Thanks
  10. Many thanks Fredrickson International are dealing with the debt for them so will send a copy to them (as well)- guess I better send another request for agreement- to be safe
  11. Hi doe anyone have an address for Aktiv? I sent a CCA to them 3 weeks ago and have no response- at PO Box 3424- Chester What do I do now
  12. Hello I am currently on a DMP- would this qualify me for hardship and could I begin claiming charges- I saw something on GMTV this morning but am stilunsure of I qualify Thanks
  13. OK thanks- and do I insist they removed oustanding debt searches as well in the letter?
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