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  1. You need to contact the local authority. Contact your local mp. There are very good people on this forum that can help you too. I'm so sorry Rossendales are doing this to you. It's just awful. Why are they allowed to get away with it?
  2. Thank you very much. I was referred to the welfare dept at Rossendales and she was the one that said set the payments and then refused to answer any more emails from me. I was shocked that I was literally cut off. Any help is greatly appreciated
  3. thanks for the advice - it is really appreciated. I really hope someone will see sense and help me. I cannot believe that councils work with these companies - they are bullies and prey on peoples fear.
  4. yes I still have the car. I have 1 year left of finance to pay on it. I am a complete mess over this situation. Rossendales are setting payments that are completely beyond my budget and unrealistic. I thought that they had to work with people to set an achievable payment plan? they has been no negotiation at all. I was told in an email. They refuse to respond to any more emails from me My local MP is acting on my behalf. She has contact the council and they have said they will 'try' and get the payments lowered. If this doesnt work i seriously dont know what to to I cant believe tha
  5. Thank you. I really really appreciate it. I had a response form the local authority stating they can't stop the bailiffs. I have emailed the CEO and asked her for help too. I am trying to be as proactive as possible but it's getting harder and harder to go on in the face of hopelessness
  6. I feel you pain. I am in similar position with parking fines. I have tried working with Rossendales but they refuse, despite me sending in documentation from Dr stating I have mental health needs. We have to keep fighting. I cry everyday and live in fear. its become the norm. the local authority nor rossendales will not help me. I don't know where to turn
  7. can someone please help me. Rossendales want to collect on unpaid parking fines, totally about 600. I am more than willing to pay them but it needs to be affordable amount for me, there are several issues I have: 1)I am willing to pay them but the demands they have set are beyond my budget and unreasonable. I have made payments on them but not to the amount they want. 2)I have tried to negioate but they have replied in an email (I will not talk them via phone) that they will not reply to any more messages from me 3) I have mental health issues and have
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