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  1. i think i'll have to settle for putting it down to experience, my back has just gone out and i just don't have the energy.
  2. morning folks, money has gone in £450!! thats a weight off my mind even if it only that. but seriously i would warn people to never buy from them.
  3. how long does it take for a refund to show in my bank? because it STILL is not showing. but then it did say 3 working days, surely it would have shown in my bank at least.
  4. i will do, they're argument is that the mechanic i called out on their instructions (which someone on here warned me about) and my son had killed the bike!
  5. yes, im out of pocket by £100 pound, they said they would charge me for delivery and taking it back, they told me that when he agreed to give me a refund
  6. they just sent me this The card was refunded this morning of £450.00, card No.**** it may take up to 3 working days to appear back in your bank Regards Motorbike Madness From: Loo Sent: Friday, May 01, 2015 1:43 PM To: scooter-madness@live.co.uk Subject: refund
  7. they go by scooter madness and motorbike madness, bank gave me phone number of trading standards but wouldn't have a clue what to say or where to start. what is CEO anyway? thanks
  8. i 've had enough of the bank, im going to have to go with small claims, its making my illness even worse, i just can't do it. phoned bank and its the same thing over and over.
  9. i spoke to a supervisor, he was just as useless will do it now. each time i get back to them its different 'evidence' this time they say they need evidence of the company emailing the last 4 digits of my card! so if it IS visa i have my back covered by section 75? because they said about the rules n regs of visa, my card is visa debit
  10. just had a thought. if the bank wants proof that i sent the bike back, then i already have the proof because they said they would refund me? they said they need the evidence and its under VISA rules and regs (which one didn't even know where on the internet i could find it) shouldn't i then be more protected if thats under section 75?
  11. jesus, i've just spent 37 minutes on the phone to natwest, going round and round in circles and have have got nowhere. I edited out your offer Baily. Not a good idea as you don't know who might respond.
  12. @JoeyJoey that is correct, they told me when they picked the bike up on a saturday and said the money would be in my account on the tuesday/wednesday and it wasn't. @King when they picked the bike up he said he was taking off £100 for the delivery! i actually forgot about that bit.
  13. i read about small claims and that was even more confusing than all this, for small claims, wouldn't they need evidence from mechanic and such? and how long does it take with a chargeback to put the money back anyway?
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