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  1. Does anybody have any advice I'm really worried someone will end up coming to my door. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi thanks for the reply. No the £235 hasn't been applied yet but they are threatening to apply this and send an enforcement officer if we do not now pay the full amount outstanding. I can copy and paste the emails?
  3. I can't find the original letter, the one I have is the payment arrangement which states it is for a liability order. All communication I have had with them is through email. I emailed them again yesterday trying to explain we have paid £200 and don't have the rest yet. We have paid a total of £450 in the last month not the £500 they wanted. The reply today was.... The full balance is now due and we have no further comments on the matter. The balance remaining is £356. I could understand if we wernt paying anything but we are doing everything we can to pay it.
  4. We had a council tax debt of around £700. We offered rossendales £100 per month which they refused as we filled in an income/expenditure form and we have extra money apparently which we don't! We have now cancelled sky subscription and my mobile phone has been cut off. They are requesting 250 per month. We paid the first £250 then the next payment we could only afford 200. I have been in contact with them throughout trying to explain we just cannot afford that much. Now because we paid only 200 the agreement is cancelled and if
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