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  1. exploring range of options Union who have been very supportive, ACAS, Lawyers letter, then if all else fails court. It's fairly clear they are two separate posts and I am now aware of other similar cases where two payments were made in respect of two separate jobs. Just a shame it's having to go this far.
  2. Yes the payment was for the 12ish years and not back to 1997 which is when my clinical post began i.e 17 years ago.
  3. Hi I have been reading this thread with interest as I am in pretty much the same position. I held 2 separate jobs for the NHS one part time (4 hours per week) admin and clerical post between 2001-2013 this post was made redundant as the service was disbanded. In addition I have a substantive clinical post at 30 hours per week and have held this from 1997-2015. This post has been made redundant. My union representative believed I was due redundancy for my substantive post from 1997-2015, however HR do not agree. My post has now finished and I was only offered 2 years redundancy payment due to the earlier redundancy for the admin job with the reduced hours and pay. Both jobs ran in parallel had different line managers, pay slips, grading, annual leave entitlement. So I wondered how the case outlined in this thread panned out as essentially I am in a very similar situation
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