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  1. Yes I would love to generate some media publicity with this. It is a terrible situation I have enforced mine to high court. But I am pretty sure I am fighting a losing battle. I agree Im sure there must be someone we can persue for our money owed. It makes me angry how if we owed money we would soon be aware who to pay it to. Its disgusting
  2. Hi, ive got a judgement in my favour so ive now sent the paperwork to enforce it in high court and they will send bailiffs, im pretty sure they will have no assets but I have to try. I would like the bank details to put a charge on that but don't know them. Have you heard anything
  3. could you also look at form n323 and see if im better using that one, thank you
  4. Hi could you please help me. Phoned everywhere for advice no help, ive printed the N293a I need now to fill it completed most of it, could you just advise me a little at the top where it say in the court of is that Lambeth as that's who ive been dealing with also on page 3 what part do I fill out, any advice appreciated. phoned everywhere and struggling for help
  5. thank you which form do I fill in for high court enforcement thank you
  6. I now have a judgement in my favour with county court, which form do I complete to enforce bailiffs, or does anyone have any of microcredit banking details, please help which form for bailiffs, thank you
  7. I feel ive exhausted all avenues, company house show new director assets of 1000 but hey where and cant guarantee that. Also old director has full address in Estonia new director details just says resides in Russia, how were these people ever regulated. I have spent 110 trying to get my money and getting no support anywhere. I am disgusted that this can happen. Any more action is just going to cost me more money that I haven't got. If I owed them money oh they would have all the rights and I would be hounded for the money. Absolutely disgusted that this situation can be allowed to happen
  8. Can anyone offer advice, there are two of us who have won cases through FOS against Microcredit T /as Minicredit, we won in our favour and Microcredit owe 1200, they ceased to trade, I have gone to CAB and they couldn't give advice, also been in contact with FCA and cant give advice and FOS have done all they can do. FOS decisions are enforceable in court. I have already spent 100 trying to get my money. I have sent a judgement obviously next step in Bailiffs, but is this maybe a waste of money as they may not have assets, we need help as we cant spend money and we may not get money back, p
  9. yes that's a good idea, as we could put a charge on microcredit bank and the money comes out but it costs 100 and not sure if they have money in the bank, yes lets set up a forum
  10. this is great news. But I hope they do as im unsure whether to spend anymore money trying to get my payment. They have ignored all correspondence from the court. I feel im getting no support. Mine went to adjudicator then they tried to enforce payment and that was FOS could do. then referred back to me to take legal action. But cant spend anymore as not getting anywhere
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