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  1. It's brand new. Waited about 16 weeks for it and now there's constant issues with the thing!
  2. In December I took delivery of a new Vauxhall costing about £28k. Upon collecting the car it had 2 paint chips and was missing the second key. I needed the car so took it. I had to take the car back so they could inspect the chips again, then take back a second time for repair which was done perfectly. The second key was found 2 weeks or so later. After that it came up with a sensor failure so it went in for third time. They saw the fault but couldn't fix it then. It went back for fifth time to be fixed, but they couldn't, only finally doing so on its sixth return. I then discovered there is a problem with the stereo and dash displays. It went in for the seventh time and they witnessed the problem. It's gone in now for eighth time and they have had it for 3 weeks or so and don't know what the problem is! I'm sure sooner or later they will resolve it but really I've had the car three months and in that time it's gone back 8 times and they have had it for nearly a month overall. Also it doesn't even seen as good build quality as the hire car of the same model I'm using, my dash makes more little noises over bumps etc. Also the auto boot can sometimes make a loud embarrassing noise when closing. Now I just feel I want rid of the car, it's clearly plagued with issues and I don't feel I can ever feel happy now. What are my rights regarding giving it back to them please? Many thanks.
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