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  1. I all, Well I went down to the Land Rover dealers expecting to have a fight on my hands ready with a rejection letter for the car and the dealer just said there's been a mistake, the car was a British Forces export/import and when the car came back to the UK DVLA registered it incorrectly. I was offered a full refund of what was the original purchase price. All sorted.
  2. I have the original print out from the web site that shows the car as having 190 bhp. I aslo mentioned to the saleman that i need more power than my current freelander which was rated at 167 bhp. It makes sense that I would not have gone for a 150 bhp vehicle I would have thought.
  3. Six weeks ago i was in the market for a new car and havinf decided to spend $30,000 plus I decided to limit my searches to main dealer outlets. I had decided to purchase the new Range Rover Evoque SD Prestige as this had all the bits I wanted and the power I needed. I went on Land Rovers web site and found a car that had all the bits I wanted and the power I needed and went down to the dealership to strike the deal. The online advert (I have the original copy) said the car was a SD prestigae with 190 BHP. The car check came back and confirmed the car was the one described . I made the purchase with a deposit on y credit card and the remainder via a bank loan. I also traded in the car I owned for £10,000. Six weeks later and not very happy with the cars performance I returned tha car to Land Rover to have some paint work repaired which was agreed at the point of sale. I also mentioned to the salesman that i thought the car was not running well because it didn't seem to have the power it should have. I was given a loan car which was identical to mine and I noticed within minutes that when drove this car performed much better. From the car (using handsfree kit of course) I called the salesman and asked him again to check my car out because there was clearly something not right. he said he would get an engineer to go for a run with me when i picked it up. I picked the car back up today and this was when the salesman said to me that the car I had loaned was a much more powerfull engine and that it was 190bhp. I said the car I had bought was 190 bhp but the saleman said it was not and that it was a 150bhp. Further more the saleman said the car was not the SD version but the TD. i said I would check all my facts and come back to them. I checked the logbook which arrived a week ago and found it says the car is a SD prestigate but a 150 bhp engine. I checked my invoice and it said that the car was a SD Prestige. I checked the print off from the Land Rover web site I tuck when i went down to buy the car and it says its a SD Prestigae 190 BHP. The car its self at the rear says its a TD4 which one the LR web site says its a 150 BHP engine. I'm now left with a car I have paid over the odds for which does not have the power I wanted. I explained when i went into the delaers that i wanted a more powerful care than the one I had which was a 160 BHP engine so they should have known this was not right for me. I have asked Land Rover to look into the issue and i await there reply. Can anybody please give me some advice as to what I can do?
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