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  1. It was redirected as well. I have not received the claim form or the notice of judgement directly. All what I did it was changing the redirection to my current address that's why I'm saying that the claims form could have gone to my friend's address as I haven't got anything on me apart from the communications I've just specified.
  2. Hi Andy, On the notice of judgement it also shows my previous address, not the current one. Should I provide Moriarty Law with my current address under any circumnstances to make them aware that they have been sending all the correspondence during this time to a different address?
  3. Hello Andy, Can you please explain the last point please?
  4. The Claims form surely went to the previous address where I redirected my post. In the last 12 months, I left the property where I lived for 4 years and the one where Moriarty Law has been contacting me on. I never informed them of the place where I was living. The letter surely went to the house of a friend of mine where I lived until a couple of months ago. I called Royal Mail to make the change. If the claims form went to the previous address, can I still do something with it and use it as proof if it remains unopened? When I firstly wrote this post, the last letter I received from Moriarty Law (27/04/2018) said, "as you are aware we recently issued proceedings against you" and that they were instructed to enter judgment 14 days of the letter, but does not mention anything about the claim form. The guy confirmed on the telephone that the debt is from 2011. I haven't paid anything to them or admitted that i owe the debt to them or many of the other collection agencies who in the past contacted me for this. I haven't asked MCOL for a copy of the claims form no. Are these my only two options availble? 255£ to set aside and possibly ask the judge to have the money back, based on the basis that I never received the claims for or paying in full a money that I don't owe (£230.93)? Regards, Giancarlo
  5. Hello Andy, Today I have received a Judgment for Claimant (In Default). The letter is dated 14 May 2018, but only received this morning after opening my post from yesterday. They basically say that I have failed to reply to the claim form, but I didnt have one, maybe because my post is being again redirected to my new place where I moved to less than 2 months ago. They say that I need to pay to the claimant the total sum of £230.93 and that the first payment by installments of £50 needs to reach the claimant by the 13th of June this year. I rang the County Court Business Centre and explained that I never had a claims forms, they asked if I did want to go to court and wanted to defend, then it would be £55 to be paid on my side. Again, the only conversation I had with them was by Nov/Dec last year, informing them that I didnt have to pay that and that I don't owe the money. I can't believe that they started court proceedings for these amount of money. On the notes to the defendant it says that if I pay in full within one month I can ask the court to cancel the entry on the register. This is ridicolous, I am buying a house soon and I need a mortgage. May I please get some help with this?
  6. Thank you for the explanation Andy. Will ignore them now
  7. Hello, I wonder if someone could please help me with this? I had TalkTalk as broadband provider back in 2011. I moved property back in June that year, informing TalkTalk by phone that the landlord agreed to continue with the service and we just wanted a change of name. On the 06/06/11 I was provided via email with a change of name form, which we sent via Royal Mail following the procedure that the retentions advisor suggested and paying for all my account balance, canceling the direct debit. My Landlord, who moved back to the time to the property made calls to India (so I knew it was him) and realized that they never changed the ownership of the account, even when I called them months after the mistake, indicating that the form could have probably been lost in the post. Ever since, I've had a series of collection agencies trying to get the money back, to all of them, I;ve explained the same story over and over again until the last one with Moriarty Law, the ones that are now threating me to take me to court if I dont pay the inflated amount of £208.93. I do understand that these companies just buy the debts in a desperate attempt to get money back. I did explain on the phone that I don't owe anything to TalkTalk and how it was possible for them to keep chasing me as I understand that this should be categorized now as barred? I wonder if there's anything I could do or hit them back? I hate people like this chasing me for something that I've already explained, declaring that if they didnt change the name on the account it was their problem not mine and they are chasing the wrong person for the debt. I think after 7 years I've had enough of clowns chasing me for this and believe now that this is an unlawful practice under the limitations act? Can I now take them to court for harassment opening a case in the small claims court? Thank you beforehand for any help you can provide me with. Kindest Regards, GB
  8. I swear by GOD SAKE I Vodafone Customer Service is HORRIBLE (well, some of you would probably know that) But I can't still believe I waited for 1hr 48 min and got nothing at the end after a failed chat conversation with an RETENTION Agent that seemed to be a comedian, even using LOL in front of my face. I do honestly need some serious advice on this as I am planning to take this to even the last consequences. I can't believe they hire this people and then they just said they are having a friendly approach :!::!: Please help me and advise me how could I counter attack and what could I say in tomorrow conversation...
  9. Thank you ! It was set on the SKY TV. I normally remember all my passwords on my computer, and seems thay got access to Sky from here and managed to set the parental pin etc A card that I normally leave for ordering food, was used to make the purchase. Regards,
  10. Hello all, I need some advice in regards of a tricky situation with a company: PlayboyTV. A few months ago, I left my nephew and a friend of him at home for a few hours whilst I was doing some work during a long weekend. It seems that my nephew (or his friend) subscribed to PlayboyTV on my Credit Card for a monthly recurring payment subscription. I only found out about the charges by January this year and could not find the contact details in order to find out what was going on. Only until verifying the date the subscription was made, I realized that this was done by my 12 year old nephew, therefore I decided to ring my bank and explained about the situation. They decided to block the card for future payments with these people and also provided me with a chargeback for the month of February. They have sent two letters which I have ignored and binned, trying to hide it from everyone to know. Today 2nd of April, a collection agency called Wescot is trying to get the payments from me, claiming that I have not paid Playboy for these months. I explained them the situation but they keep saying that even do, I would still be liable for the charges, (the chargeback and the month after the cancellation). They have also advised me to call the police and to report my 12 year old nephew to the police, saying that this is a fraud. But he does live abroad and does not normally come very often, or at least, every 2 - 3 years. I told them that I would not pay this money back to them and they concluded that I was denying that was my responsability, and therefore, they would be taking action shortly. So I guess they are sending me to court for 19.99. I rang Playboy TV, I explained the whole situation and they have given me 2 choice: I either pay or my nephew. I found this very rude and I explained that in some way I took responsibility and accepted charges for the rest of the months , but they are way naughtier than my nephew and want all the money in their pockets. I asked them where abouts in the terms and conditions does it mentions these kind of situation and asked them why was so difficult to find a way to contact them, otherwise I would probably have never ring my bank to claim to stop the charges. I don't know what to do and this is driving me mad. I need some advice from someone ASAP. Regards,
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