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  1. Thanks SabreSheep, I have contacted an independent assessor, so I will have to wait and see what they say, if they think it is viable for them to inspect and how much they charge.
  2. hi king12345 I was shocked that it was such a coincidence and that they offered no help or even a lift home. They just said they'd never stripped one of these engines and that they book time was 12 hours just to diagnose!
  3. Should i take this garage to small claims court? I took my BMW 1 series in to the local garage for a routine oil & filter change because the on board computer said it was due. The garage changed the oil & filter then phoned me to say as they were driving it off the ramp the oil light came on so they put it back on the ramp. They told me the engine would not start now they think the oil pump has failed and they think the timing change has come off at the top. Result is that my car now needs a new engine. I've had a quote for reconditioning my engine for £4505.22 from another garag
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