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  1. Sorry if I sound silly but I must ask with absolute clarity, for the Enforcement Stage to happen, apart from "attendance" does anything else need to happen to it to be considered completed? ie. CGA or Notice of Entry? Such as this https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/Global/Migrated_Images/adviceguide/notice-after-entry---bailiffs-e.png Or could they just walk in, tell us that they have been here 20 mins and the Enforcement Stage has now been completed and they have therefore right to remove goods. Start taking items and then pocket in money for all three stages and put the goods back?
  2. Hi I was merely making an enquiry about the stage? This doesn't relate to a wrong address question. I'd be grateful if you could please keep this matter separate. Also it'd be kind if you could perhaps point me to a thread where Enforcement stage has been discussed?
  3. Section 5(1)(B) - The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014 the enforcement stage, which comprises all activities relating to enforcement from the first attendance at the premises in relation to the instructions up to but not including the commencement of the sale or disposal stage; At what stage is the £235 fee incurred? 1. Just by visiting at debtor? 2. Or, by taking goods under control? If it's just by visiting the debtor's property then, at what stage do they take control of the goods? For the sake of clarification, CAB website tells me that Enforc
  4. Is any of the advice given on this website correct at all? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?168-Bailiffs-and-High-Court-Enforcement-Officers/pcnlegal.html It deals with all regulations applicable and is not some fotl thing.
  5. Update: I have received a letter from the Defendant's solicitor raising two issues: 1. The documents now served are therefore prima facie out of time. (They say they received the documents 5 days after the intended date of delivery?) They are asking me for a reason why the documents got delayed. 2. In addition the Particulars of Claim served do not comply with the requirements of CPR 16 as they have not been verified by a Statement of Truth. They have however attached a copy of their N9 response pack with box 1 (I intend to defend all of this claim).
  6. Hi The car in question is on HP and it was not on the premises, since the premises doesn't have any parking with it. Edit 1 : Yes still own the car and I am not the director this company.
  7. I address went wrong on the V5, it should've been registered to the property above it, so 99a and not 99. This is where it got messed up. So, am I right in saying that the money that we had to hand over to bailiffs to get our goods back is acceptable? Also, I am not sure whether I should be pursuing this any further? I could be seen in the video holding invoices which clearly reflect the company name! Yes it is indeed a private car, paid for by private individual. I am not sure how I can prove that we had no choice but to let them pick up goods as they wanted. The TEC warra
  8. Please could somebody tell me on what to put in particulars or claim? It's last day tomorrow.
  9. Thank you for the link. I am sorry if I didn't make myself clear, they have already taken the cash and not the goods! They were taking the goods away but in order to avoid business disruption and to save embarrassment in public, we had to give them cash from the till. Again cash which belonged to the Ltd Co
  10. Thank you to everybody who has replied so far. However, I am not yet clear whether the bailiff's lifting Limited Co's goods were correct or not? I had a couple of documents on the table addressed to the Limited Co which I showed even to the police but they were adamant and even suggested that if I stop "officers of the court" they will arrest us! I can't see of any possible reason where I could've stopped them other than to pay whatever they asked for! So if my Ltd co's claim is valid, what should we put in the particular's of claim? Many Thanks
  11. The PCN letters were all addressed individually. The Car is owned individually and the V5 is also in individual's name. TEC appeal was made as we didn't receive the PCN. Council appeal was rejected as we didn't reply to "Notice to Owner" as I was away. Also, ignoring the fact that they picked "limited co's" goods for a second, if we paid to the council and council accepted, which means all bailiff actions should cease? To add, the TEC warrant was addressed to the individual at the business address.
  12. Ok here is the deal. Around Feb 14 - We had a parking fine in Swansea council car park. Appealed to the council, got rejected. Went to the court (TEC) and the amount reached £82. Andrew James got involved, TEC helpline suggested I do an out of time application. Somebody from Andrew James visited the business premises to inform us that we need to pay £392. He went away that time without much hassle. Did out of time application but the appeal was rejected. Amount o/s at this time - £82 I spoke with Swansea Council who didn't accept the payment and told that I d
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