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  1. Yes I'm going to court in the morning to hand in forms and fee. Yep I can be online in the morning thank you so much for your help. I've put together a further page in support of my reasons to suspend, but any help you can give would be greatly appreciated Ell-enn as was you response tonight.
  2. Hi NN24 was returned as I hadn't provided 3 copies of the form or the fee, although I call the court and asked for advice they never mention either. I requested the eviction be stopped as I had maintained the payments and could pay half the arrears and the rest within two months which would clear everything and gave my assurance I could remedy the current arrears. I also stated myself and children have nowhere else to go. Thanks
  3. Thank you very much HB
  4. Evening I have an eviction notice for Wednesday 1st April. This was a suspended order from 2013 I made all due payments but have unfortunately fallen behind and now owe £4,115.. I filled in an NN24 form but it has been returned as I didn't include copies I will be going to court tomorrow to hand deliver. I have offered to pay £2000 immediately and assured them I will pay the remainder within 2 months but the solicitors have refused this offer and the lender refuses to discuss matter with me. Please any help would be greatfully recieved, Thanks.
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