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  1. I would like to thank you all for your advice, it was invaluable. I raised a small claim against vodafone and they settled with me after further investigation. It is quite worrying that this is what it takes to get action but I just wanted to update in case anyone else reads this. It costs a minimal amount to raise a small claim and is quite simple to do online, don't be afraid of it. I have since complained to Ombudsman Services and they have apologised for their level of service and I will complain about ICO as well, it is not right that they side with the large corporate in general and the consumer has to fight in the courts to get recognised. I now have my credit file restated, which is all I ever wanted out of this situation. Phew, what a fight!
  2. I tried going back to Ombudsman Services but they will not even reconsider the case and won't answer any of my questions. It seems as though a Telecoms company can ruin a person's credit file and be answerable to no-one. I looked into adding a note to my credit file but the advice I received was not to, lenders just see it as excuses and it actually complicates matters.
  3. I have now tried that again and got the usual response that the letter of deadlock has been issued and the ombudsman ruled in their favour so they won't discuss it further. I have contacted the ombudsman again to ask if they will reconsider. Their ruling on Vodafone's side was that they sent me a generic email saying a bill had been generated. However, this email had no amounts mentioned that I owed them and when I tried to login to my account online their website said there was no account, because it was closed. I was in the US at the time. So they knew I wouldn't receive their letters and they closed my online account. So how was I supposed to know I owed them more money? They said that I should keep my direct debit open just in case but doesn't the direct debit guarantee state that they must inform me of charges in advance of requesting payment? They never did this so doesn't seem reasonable. I cancelled the direct debit when I left the country based on the fact that I had called them and settled up over the phone. I have also sent a complaint to the ICO because they could not provide any records of any calls that I've made to customer services, of which there were many, and no record of incoming calls because they only keep 12 months of records. The fact that they did not email me to say, can you please pay us £47, before sending my details to a debt collector also irks me, it wouldn't have taken much effort to get in touch by e-mail but they didn't do this. Any ideas welcome as always, very grateful for comments so far. Thanks
  4. I have contacted the CEO, I just got the response that they have issued a letter of deadlock and will not be changing their view. Very frustrating.
  5. I have now received the SAR from Vodafone which shows:- I cancelled my account and confirmed by e-mail that I have moved abroad to the US and I specifically asked if they were going to bill me again because I did not want a black mark on my credit report- The email response from Vodafone was that there was a credit on my account- They did send me a final bill that asked for additional £47 payment but they only sent this to my old UK address. As I did obviously not receive this, I didn't pay them. I didn't receive any further contact by e-mail asking for payment. They reported me in default and will not change their minds because they say they sent me a final bill. My argument is that they knew I wasn't living at the UK address, the notes on the account from Vodafone employees mention me emigrating a few times. They could have contacted me by email but didn't, they didn't send me any notice that I was going to default. Is it possible to start court action to adjust credit report only? I'm not interested in any financial amounts. What do you think my letter before action would look like?Thanks again for all of your help.
  6. Thanks for your tip on the SAR, I was about to send the letter, which would have been a waste. Hopefully someone can help with the court action as I need to get this fixed somehow. Thanks!
  7. The deadlock letter told me to escalate with Ombudsman Services. They sided with Vodafone because they say that they sent me a final bill that said I owed them something. Only problem is that I had moved out of the country, and had told Vodafone that, so did not receive any notice that I owed them anything. I don't know why they sided with Vodafone and they have Ombudsman Services have not explained properly.
  8. The Vodafone rep replied to me that he cannot help because they have issued a letter of deadlock. I therefore need to take Vodafone to court. All I want is for them to restate my credit history, I am not interested in damages. Is it possible to take them to court only to restate credit history?
  9. Thanks for your reply, that is very helpful. The automated reply number I received from Vodafone is #10122203. It was Ombudsman Services that adjudicated in March 15, not the Financial Ombudsman Service. I really hope the Vodafone rep can help. My account was clear for years with Vodafone until this mixup and hope they agree to restate my credit history with the agencies to reflect this.
  10. No surprise to me that Vodafone rep hasn't been in touch. Vodafone customer service is close to non-existent, how do they have any customers left? Can anyone please help me?
  11. Thanks, I think the post looks a bit better now? I am not interested in damages, I just want them to update the credit report with the true underlying performance, i.e. perfect, not one missed payment. Is that something I can go to the courts to pursue?
  12. I have written to Vodafone numerous times to resolve a dispute on my credit report but they have now issued a letter of deadlock that states they will not alter their reporting to the credit agencies. I have also been through the ombudsman service and they have sided with Vodafone. I am wondering what else I can do to get them to rectify this error? I cancelled my account with Vodafone on 5 March 2013 as I moved to the USA in February 2013. When I called to cancel on 5 March 2013 I made a payment of £112.89 to settle my account and reconfirmed by e-mail that my account was settled. I received an e-mail from Vodafone customer services that there was a credit on the account for £65.65 and therefore assumed everything was in order until I requested a UK credit report in 2014 that showed that Vodafone were reporting me as in default for £47. I immediately called and settled the amount even though I did not understand why I owed them money despite them saying I had a credit on my account before I left. Apparently Vodafone sent me letters telling me I owed them additional funds. However, they knew that I would not receive them as I told customer services that I had left the country. They had my e-mail address and could have contacted me by e-mail to ask for additional payment but they did not. Instead they reported me as in default without making a reasonable effort to contact me knowing that I had left the country. I have therefore never received notification that I owed them additional funds, I have never received a notice that they were about to report me as in default and I only discovered an issue when I checked my credit report. Vodafone are now reporting my account as once in default but now satisfied. In resolution I would like Vodafone to reflect the true underlying status of my account, which was flawless until this misunderstanding due to a misleading e-mail from their customer services representative (attached). If Vodafone agreed to reinstate my credit history to show no default then this would be a fair resolution to this misunderstanding. Failure to do so is unfair as I would never have let my credit report fall into default for such a small amount that is now impacting my ability to apply for a mortgage now that I have returned to the UK . The ombudsman suggested talking to Vodafone again (they refuse to talk about it) or the courts. Does anyone know how I would even start a court proceeding? Thanks in advance! Kevin Attahed email from Vodafone: From: "Vodafone Customer Services" Date: Mar 8, 2013 4:59 AM Subject: Re: Cancellation [#] To: Cc: Hello Kevin, Thank you for writing us back with regards to bill on your account. I understand that you are not happy with our customer services. I apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. I regret the level of service you received as this is not the way Vodafone believes in serving its customers. The incident you have highlighted will not only assist us in improving the service we provide in the future but it will also be used to further develop and improve our ongoing training program. As informed you earlier, your number ....has been cancelled on 05/03/2013 and online account has been deactivated upon cancellation of this number. Furthermore, I would like to inform you that you will receive the final bill post the cancellation of your account as per your bill date. This bill will consist of the line rental on pro rata basis, ETF and usage (if any) till the last day. I can see that billing cycle on your account is from 4th to 3rd every month. I would like to inform you that as your number has been cancelled already so final bill will be generated as per the billing cycle on your account. Moreover, I can see that we have 1received the payment of £112.89 on 05/03/2013 by credit card, which got adjusted towards this month’s bill which is generated on 07/03/2013 for £47.24. I also can see that there is credit of £65.65 on your account. I would like to inform you that if final bill on your account will be less than £65.65, so we will return rest of the amount to you. Also, I have sent last 3 bills on your email address ‘......to give you clear picture about your account. With regards to complain, In order to resolve any customer issues we follow an internal escalation procedure. Once you have emailed us we endeavor to resolve your query in the first instance. If you’re not happy with our reply, the query would then be escalated to a Manager in the Email Contact Centre. I trust this information helps. Kind regards, Vismay Pathak Vodafone Customer Services We hope you have found our Email Customer Service helpful and convenient. To contact us please click 'here'.Thank you for being a Vodafone customer and I hope you enjoy all that Vodafone has to offer.
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