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  1. Hi all, I've been to CAB and it wasn't was good as I'd hoped, they weren't even aware of SAR's. I'm going to be submitting that this week and have the template (below) if anyone could advise if it's ok and needs amending before I send I would be grateful for input. I have spoken with the fscs today regarding mis selling by compass but they're unable to help as they are only taking complaints re compass for ppi and 1st charge. Compass went into default so if anyone knows if there is anywhere to turn in claiming against the mis selling I would be grateful for some info. I have a lot to read from CAB who have kindly given me some info on what should be contained in CCA agreements and what should be included so I will be cross referencing this with my agreement as a starting point, if anyone would like me to scan and post this up just let me know and I will do that this week. So in terms of making a complaint to Blemain, I can't really draft it up until I have the SAR so that is my priority for now. Hope to hear back soon from anyone with some valuable input. Thank you for reading.. Clueless [template removed please don't post them in the open forum - tx dx]
  2. Thanks for the update suffering, hope his nightmare with them is over now! Did you have problems with them to, if so how did/are you getting on? I've started a thread as I'm about to take them on and to be honest, im dreading it!
  3. Hi theolderouge, thank you for taking the time to go through this, I really appreciate it. I will write down your points and take them with me this week! I have read through a lot of threads re Blemain with interest yet when it gets to a crucial point and an outcome, they disappear of the radar so it's very difficult to see what the outcome was to offer others some hope! I for sure will be checking in regularly with updates and outcomes. It seems that if I am eligible to claim for mis selling where the broker is concerned, it's going to be a struggle as they no longer trade, my hope is I can go down the route of unfair relationship but I will definitely need my hand holding with this as I don't understand the law and don't want to fire blanks at the beast and screw this up! My ultimate goal is to get the loan balance reduced of charges, interest on charges, buildings insurance plus interest charged and get it cleared and the charge removed by the end date, all while allowing others in a similar position to me can check in and feel that they can do this too. I've spent too long sucking this up because I never thought I would stand a chance of taking them on but I'm so angry that I've been treated this way and will be flogging myself just to line the fat cats pockets. I may get nowhere but I sure as hell am going to give it my best shot and thanks to reading other posts, as grim as it is, I'm not alone!
  4. Hi, looking at the docs I have there's only the one copy of the actual agreement yet I have multiple copies on the FC one. I kept everything together in the file from the broker. The FC one had a post it note on it saying "your copies" but there's only the one blemain one so I'm guessing the answer is no as I'd have kept it. Hope this helps
  5. Ok thanks for that, I will have to dig through my pile of letters they send me, will be able to give more information when I get the SAR back which I will be posting on Thursday following my appointment with CAB. As for the funding corporation, I had a car on finance with them back in 2004, due to job changes, gaps in employment etc I fell into arrears, I did pay them (long gone now) but during that time, I received a call from someone saying they were from the FC and cound give me a loan, this leads me to believe that they sold my details to the broker to prey on my situation as this is what led to this dreaded loan, as I said in my first post I did not go out and actively look for a loan, I was contacted and groomed by a broker (who I believed to be FC at the time) to take this out to help my financial situation at the time, they made it look like I would be better off taking this loan and my outgoings being lower. Looking back now, it seems that they clearly changed this to Blemain in the 11th hour, hence the 10yr fixed loan with FC (who after looking them up, only seem to do car finance) is now a 12 yr rip my eyes out variable loan with BF.. .hence why I feel this was mis sold, I also feel that the relationship with BF is unfair and the charges they have added are unfair. I fell into financial difficulty again in 2008 after losing my job (sign of the times as this was the recession) which has now been loaded onto this loan onto of the buildings insurance charges and the fact they send 2 of each letter as it is in joint names. Honestly I could cry, its a wonder this firm hasn't got blood on their hands because there I times I could hoy myself infront of a bus to escape this nightmare!! Hope that all made sense by the way!
  6. Ok, here is doc 5 and 7 which have now been amended to remove my schoolgirl errors Im a bit dim when it comes to this, what do you mean by "Could you please list the actual amounts and description of the charges eg an example of each different charge"? Are we talking a financial charge or the charge over the property?
  7. Ahh crap, its down now...sorry, I won't make it as a proof reader will I. Going to amend the 2 docs and re attach...
  8. Good point! I have read about them not supplying everything and then being reported to ico and them not doing anything...it worries me :/
  9. ill be requesting the SAR this week, had a read through the template on here, will probably add some extra bits in to make sure they don't misinterpret what I'm going to be asking for, especially when it comes to contact with the broker! I've read all 25 pages of welshpersons dealings with them, wonder what happened in the end? If there's one thing I picked up from that is its that BF like to fight dirty!
  10. It's now removed. I agree with you on the mis selling, there's a few differences between the proposal and what I actually got, main ones being length of the loan, monthly repayments, and the fact the first one seems to be fixed and the actual one being variable as there's no total amount repayable. The mis selling claim will be tough one though as the broker is no more I'm keen to scrutinise the actual agreement and hope I can get them on unfair charges and unfair relationship, I owe more than I borrowed 9 years into the 12 year agreement!
  11. Its all gone quiet on this front, I spoke to the bailiff and he was adamant that I either had to pay up or pay to set aside, told him I would have a think about it and call him back. That was 2 weeks ago, I haven't called and neither has he which I find unusual because these people are usually relentless! I received a response back from Lowell along with the £1 PO I sent they stated they weren't handling the account and it was fredrickson, I told them it was their name on the court letter so they had a duty to supply the info, instead they said it wasn't bound by CCA as it was for a mobile phone. got another letter yesterday from a DCA called BPO who are now trying to collect and this is for a different amount again. ..to be honest I am just going to ignore them for now, my Blemain battle is the one that is getting prioritised! Out of curiousity, do you think the court have passed it back to Lowell?
  12. Sorry, Im a complete novice and did this from work...are they no good?
  13. Ok here are the last 2 docs. These are all numbered and named, hope this makes sense: 1, this is the details of the broker who arranged the loan (I have tried their tel no's and they are dead numbers) it also seems that they ceased trading, I checked this with companies house. Not a great start for my claim to mis selling 2, Contact authority sheet, I notice that the broker name is different, upon checking it seems they are also no longer trading. 3, Broker proposal, this is the carbon copy sheet completed by the broker to illustrate the loan 4, Proposed credit agreement, a more wordy typed up loan agreement following the previous hand written effort. 5, Advanced copy credit agreement, not to different from the previous except a few extra pages and space to sign (I have a couple of copies of these) 6, Title deed, this also had a reference number on it, I have removed all of the information from it to make it anonymous. ...and I have saved the best until last... 7, the BIG BAD BLEMAIN agreement, You will notice the previous info was for the Funding Corporation (who I had car finance with at the time), as I said in my earlier post, I did not look for a load, they approached me as I was having repayment difficulties at the time and remember thinking it was odd that they wanted to lend me money when Id been in arrears with them. You will also notice that the original agreement was for 10 years but the actual agreement is for 12yrs...not what I thought! I have photocopied these too so I can give them to Citizens Advice when I go on Wednesday, if any of you say people can see any "discrepancies" with these docs, especially the one that I am legally bound to, I would be more than grateful for some advice on how to tackle this beast, I know Im in for a rough time, just want them off my case and out of my life and most importantly off the title deeds:???: Thank you in advance
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