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  1. Hi thanks The Mould, sorry haven't been on for a few days, been floored by a chest infection. Court date is Monday, struggling to determine and work out what amount I am proposing to admit and how to calculate compound interest, this unfortunately is all above my head. Also have looked into lay representation and this isn't clear, I want to represent my daughter, she will be present. I know this is at the judge's discretion, but have I read it right that the request is made with the court usher upon arrival and do you have to request this in writing or verbally. All help and advise is gre
  2. Thanks but have missed that window, was advised by The Mould to send email to solicitors and court this morning to request sending ws by email, I've sent the request this morning but haven't had any replies, don't want to upset the court further by just sending it if I need to wait for their permission to do so!
  3. Hi can anyone help with my ? #46, feel like I should send it over but don't want to appear rude.
  4. Thanks shamrocker. I know i'm an absolute pain, do I need to wait for the court to email me back to confirm it is ok for me to email over my ws, I don't want it to seem like I am being rude by sending it without being granted permission first.
  5. ignore the number points as for some reason it has copied it over like this
  6. Is it possible someone could have a quick look at this ws and advise whether it is worth taking anything out or adding anything in would it be worth making point that no notice of assignment was received?? I make this Witness Statement in support of my defence in the claim. This claim is for running a credit agreement regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. A dispute was raised several times with the original creditor, firstly in March 2011 regarding the unfair charges being added to the account, whilst payments were being made, the charges and interest were
  7. Have to file ws it is already last (post #15) been advised to email court and solicitor this morning which I have done, not received any reply from either or do I just send it without a reply. Really lost at minute with it all, heads gone sorry
  8. Ok thanks, is it worth mentioning this in ws or not
  9. Sorry to appear absolutely stupid, I see what a Tomlin order is but struggling to see how I go about it, do I approach the claimants solicitor, do I suggest it in my defence or approach the court, really lost sorry.
  10. It was when the first double admin charges where made (mar 2011) but have no record and several times after
  11. Thanks, maybe, we have been willing to negotiate at all stages but without the initial paperwork this wasn't possible. I have heard of a Tomlin order but not sure how to start the ball rolling.
  12. Hi this is the default notice received and copy of info on credit file which do have discrepancies, ie start date, default date, and creditor. Don't know if that matters?
  13. Hi thanks. here's some docs attached. Hearing is 12th Oct.
  14. Thanks I will be able to scan a copy over in morning, yeah mean notice of assignment, my daughter was out of the country at the time this was supposedly sent so is that not proof it wasn't served. I will also check the default on credit file, don't recall seeing a default notice. Will send over what I can tomorrow. I really appreciate all help I can get, have read other threads and sometimes find it head tightening. Thanks
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