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  1. Will do ...........start the holiday weekend in style Thanks
  2. FYI I had taken no action, but was going to dispute the NIP after 14 days. However letter arrived yesterday :- "RE: CLERICAL ERROR/NO FURTHER ACTION I refer to my recent notice sent to you in relation to an alleged offence Due to a clerical error this notice has now been cancelled. I regret any inconvenience this matter may have caused Yours faithfully" Looks like a offence location 2 miles out is not a SMALL ADMIN error
  3. Thanks for the reply, but I would have thought that it was hardly a little error, the access info site for the NIP clearly shows that the evidence photograph is no where near the offence location. The site FAQ states that information on the offence area/photos are available but when clicked the error 404 missing message comes up. So have they made a mistake and know about it ? Surely if the NIP is responded .... YES.... I was the driver at the time of the the offence at (place ?????) then that is not the truth as the you are requested to confirm in the section A Declaration .... as the vehicle and driver were no where near where the NIP states the offence took place.
  4. Just received an NIP 40 mph in 30 zone. Address on the NIP is totally incorrect, but timing is correct. Offence site as detailed on the NIP is approximately 2 miles from the site where the mobile camera was used and the photo evidence taken. It is mistake on the offence location. Can anyone suggest best way to answer the NIP ?
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