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  1. Frustrating is an understatement!! But there is a matter of principle here. Banks need to know that leaving someone in hardship for 6 years is morally wrong!!!
  2. The police spoke to the person, who said they had permission to take the money. They then told me that as the disabled person had died anything they had said to any other 3rd party (I had contact details for somebody in the hospice the disabled person was in who was willing to give a statement to the police) couldn't be used as it was 3rd party evidence? I don't know what kind of solicitor I would need in regard to this, but I did go to the C.A.B who couldn't offer any advice at all!! It was one of the disabled persons children, who is very well known to the police for various offences including ABH. I am at my wits end on what to do in regard to this. I thought banks were supposed to report large abnormal spending? This goes deeper than I am willing to post on a public forum, but if anyone can advise I will send a copy of the letter I sent the FOS outling my reasons as to why the disabled person couldn't and wouldn't have made or authorised the transactions.
  3. The disabled person passed away in Feb last year and I am dealing with their affairs. The police were informed and could see what had been happening, but because the disabled person had passed away they said there was no hard evedience. The family member had no authority to withdraw money, and the money was not used for the disabled person, as shopping, bills ect were being paid from the current account. The disabled person was also paying hundreds of pounds in bank charges whilst hundreds sometimes thousands were being taken from the savings account
  4. The bank is Santander A family member was withdrawing funds I have statements going back to 2005 Complaint logged with bank in March last year Final response recieved in August saying they are satisfied withdrawels made by disabled person This had been going on since late 2005 FOS adjudicator said it's a court matter, but I have asked for it to be reviewed by an ombudsman.
  5. Basically hundreds sometimes thousands a week was withdrawn from a savings account, whilst current account was in severe hardship. Current account was also being emptied by internet transfers, ATM withdrawal's and other means.
  6. Hi all, Does anyone have any ideas as to how this can be proved with the FOS? Adujactor has said it's a court matter.
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