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  1. WOW huge congratulations! This story is amazing. Just goes to show that these companies definately DO NOT lend responsibly and only care about the £££'s. Good luck with your final claim and enjoy your fresh new start PDL FREE x
  2. Yeah it's gonna be a bit difficult to work out. There will be about 33/34 loans and/or top ups over a 18 month period plus 8% interest. I am in a better place now so thankfully was in no rush to win this but I was definately gonna fight them for what they do to people and how they take advantage. Things need to change.!! No others thankfully x The only other thing I have ongoing is a complaint with my bank for a packaged bank account that is only on its beginning stages tho.
  3. Great news acid53 congratulations. Yes I agree definately a nice feeling after several years of dealing with them. Finally it's nearly over. Phew x Yes they have been told to remove credit file entries and they have also been told NOT to deduct from my redress the amount that was written off in November. Did they provide you with a breakdown of your refund at all? To compare to your records etc...
  4. Hi again. You were right. Ombudsman have been in touch and they agree 100% with my adjudicator therefore Wonga have been ordered to repay all interest and charges (as this is what I've ultimately wanted all along I have accepted the ombudsman final decision) I just wondered what now? Did wonga contact you with figures? Phone or write etc..? Or did a cheque just land on your doorstep one day. ? I know they'll drag their feet about paying up... but it's just to give me some idea of what will happen. You've been a great help. Thanks x
  5. Thanks for the update acid53 and good luck with your other cases with the ombudsman. I'm still waiting...... zzz
  6. Update... I've recieved and declined an offer today. Wonga contacted my adjudicator and in turn she has informed me that they would like to offer to refund the interest and fees on 7 off my loans (7 out of 39!) Goodness knows why those ones. Nearly a grand for those 7 alone. THE CATCH.... They want to deduct from that what they have already written off in November and pay me just over £119. My adjudicator had originally told them to refund interest and charges from all loans which they ignored. And so the wait continues for an ombudsman to review and make a decision which either way is bi
  7. How you getting on acids. ? I'm still no further forward
  8. Hope you don't mind me asking? Did they pay up in the end or is this now bring enforced? Just wondered what the road ahead was likely to be. Thanks. Good luck x
  9. So my adjudicator now tells me they are really backed up with Wonga complaints awaiting an ombudsman decision that it's going to be at least another month GRRRR (It's only been 7 months already.!) Fed up!@ Anyone our there getting any good news?
  10. This is excellent news - congratulations. Did they do this of their own back or did you involve the ombudsman ? They just seem to keep ignoring me and ignoring my adjudicator too GRRRR X
  11. They really are aren't they! And they just don't care! Hope you get your refund soon... it makes sense to pay up sooner rather than later due the interest going on daily but they just make everything so difficult for you. My adjudicator has now confirmed my case has been passed to an ombudsman but because of the number of cases waiting it will be a few weeks before this gets looked at. Good luck x
  12. So I was just wondering..... If I win this and ombudsman tell them to pay up, how quickly are they actually paying people. ? In some of the other threads people are saying they are still awaiting compensation from last summer?
  13. Looks like I'm about 2 weeks ahead of you. Everything you say above is the same as what's been happening to me the last few months. My adjudicator also ruled in my favour and contacted wonga 'informally' to refund all my interest and charges from previous loans. They had 2 weeks to respond. They did not. My file was then passed to an ombudsman. They have given both myself and wonga a further week to review or add anymore before they make a final decision (the week is up on monday) which is binding on wonga either way (hopefully in my favour again) Have a feeling wonga will drag this out to
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