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  1. in that case.......... perhaps watch this space. I have a weird feeling. lol. thanks again for your advice.
  2. sorry I didnt put it correctly. I meant why go to the bother of another name and adding costs and interest. can they go to court again for the same account??
  3. Thanks for DX just seemed odd that they have passed it to another company and added interest and charges on top of what they originally took me to court for. I kept everything anyway so if they want to lose again and I would then think of counter claiming for harassment, stress etc. hope people are winning the good fight still.
  4. Hi Andy and DX bet you thought youd seen the back of me hope all is good. I have the most random letter off a "Lowell financial Ltd " headlined YOUR ANNUAL STATEMENT underneath please note: your account is being managed by Fredricksons International Ltd on our behalf. As the claim on the account was dismissed on 25th august 2015 surely they cannot sell it on to one of their "sister" companies and pursue it again???
  5. Hi persha. each step and letter you have received so far is exactly as I went through. I received no proper paperwork until the day that I had to submit my witness statement and following that I was able to submit a supplemental witness statement, which I used as my attack on their evidence in court, very respectfully. hope youre still reading lots of relevant threads. They will be invaluable if they do decide to proceed.
  6. Seriously Persha. read the whole of my thread, the link is somewhere above. i went through every single process that you have already been through and you will go through as this proceeds. download the docs that i submitted and really read and try and understand them as much as you can. I submitted a defence on the deadline date then received documents from carters, I then submitted a supplementary witness statement in response to them, which i think is what won me the case. print the docs out if you can.
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59126[/ATTACH]sorry dx no reference now. Thanks Andy. have kept my file complete as a trophy. lol
  8. Hi all, just to finalise this thread....... general form of judgement received. copy for your enjoyment. lol
  9. I felt many times through the process of fighting my case, that I had already lost..... just keep listening to dx and you will be fine.
  10. that was nothing like my mediation call went. as soon as i said hadnt received any documents he stated that there was nothing to mediate over and that the court would be in touch. A few days later the court responded.
  11. Thanks DX and shamrocker for your replies, i understand now. it has been a head full for me but at least understand the process now.
  12. DX have so appreciated the help you and many others have given me on this forum, however some terminology used is confusing for a first timer. Was shocked when the " recon" reconstituted docs turned up as the law allows the originals to not be present. just a thought?? thanks again.
  13. definitely allow mediator to run the show. just been through this whole process and won...... just listen to Andy and you will be fine, but be prepared to put in lots of effort to make sure you achieve all of the deadlines and look through as many threads as you can so that you can see what the next bit will be if it goes that far. mine went to court and i won.
  14. its an amazing blur and its now coming back to me slowly, wife came home and went to bed and has not got up since. the judge ran through all of the formalities of the consumer credit act, the fact that we had entered into a contract, written, oral or otherwise which i did not deny. then asked me if there was anything i wanted to say, after confirming his receipt of my request for lay representation, which he granted immediately, which was awesome as the usher had said it was up to the judges discretion. i just ran through the whole of my supplementary witness statement
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