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  1. I have also received an email from them. They are asking for £252 out of the blue. I beleive this may be for a Lending Stream loan taken out back in 2010. I made a payment arrangement with another debt collection agency. The loan was originally for £185, they put this up to £584 which i think is also against rules and regulations. So i must have paid at the very least £332 back. Motormile say they have been trying to contact me. They really havent, this is the 1st i have heard from them. There is no longer a default from LEnding Stream on my file it disappeared some time ago. Should i just ign
  2. Satsuma are very good, however i am in the process of setting up a payment plan and they will not provide me with their bank details to make payment and only want me to set up a cpa. This i will not do. I have informed them that there is no reason why they shouldn't give me their bank details. Lets see what happens.
  3. I have just received an email from Uncle Buck telling me to complete an income and expenditure form that they sent to me two days ago. I have never received this and do I have to complete it?
  4. Telephoned the bank and they have refused for the third time to block payments to paypal. Contacted paypal and they refuse to talk to me about paying in smaller amounts and said they will take the full amount when it's there.
  5. Many thanks for your advice I have been given bank details and set up a standing order. I will start paying shortly. I am just confused as to why they aren't acknowledging my requests. It seems a little unreasonable as i am not trying to avoid paying them. I am also having issues with Paypal. I owe them £251 and they will probably just take it when i have funds in my account and i cant seem to stop it. This will leave me in dire straits. I have cancelled the direct debit and ordered a new debit card. I have also contacted Paypal to request that they hold off trying to take any funds and t
  6. Many thanks Would you be able to advise on payment. I have made a suggestion of £40 per month and requested that they freeze interest and charges to enable me to clear the debt. They haven't advised either way. Should i just pay it?
  7. Hi. Are you able to advise on my link: New Thread. Uncle Buck phoning my work
  8. I have contact them sending at least 5 emails before i default on my loan. I have cancelled the cpa with the bank and with Uncle Buck who have acknowledged the cancellation. However i have made a reasonable offer of £40 per month and asked them to cancel charges and interest in order for me to clear the debt. The debt is for £316. They are completely ignoring my emails. They also called me at work a couple of days ago and went through the receptionist a nd told them they were from Uncle Buck so now the receptionist at work knows that i have debt with them.
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