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  1. I signed the agreement in November 2014 and I first made them aware in December the car went in they repaired the faults by replacing the window regulators they said this had been a fault with the car before as the regulators had already been lubricated and I was not made aware of this at point of sale. When I first said about the noise from the suspension (metal grinding noise) they said they couldnt fault it when I took the car in to have the window regs fitted i said about the noise again and this time they said they could fault it and that they had greaed it all and it was a permanant fix well anyone with common sense would tell that the greasing would wear off and the noise come back and they said if the noise comes back the arms will need replacing and I would have to pay £430.00 I complained to the manager who went onto system and said the notes said I was advised a temp fix had been done and that I was advised new arms were needed they booked it in and paid for the works to be done however the noise came back a few weeks after if that and I then took it through creation to cancel the agreement and I'm at the stage of waiting for the independent report to be sent to creation.
  2. Hello guys someone please help I took out a finance agreement in November 2014 I took my Ford Fiesta into a new ford company and I was 3 months into my contract with ford credit for my fiesta and wanted to come out of it and get into a focus they managed to get a settlement sorted and I got my focus however I have had a load of problems with the car since including two window regulators needing replacing and also something wrong with the suspension the works were carried out in the end after they tried to fob me off with temp repairs however the suspension problem came back less then a month after they said they had replaced the lower arms i took it through creation who asked auto Union finance to investigate I was then contacted by the main dealer I got the car from who told me they wouldn't cancel the contract like I had requested under the sales of goods act 1994 and they would only offer the repair the car I dug further and found out that I was on a personal loan and not a hire purchase agreement the word personal loan was never used by the dealership otherwise I would have gone elsewhere for a cheaper interest rate and I now notice on my agreement it said fixed sum loan agreement but not the words personal loan. I have since had the finance company arrange for a inspection of the car I'm waiting for a copy of this but the person said to me that it doesn't look like the arms have been replaced when it says on the paperwork from the works they carried out that they replaced them. Where do I stand in relation to the personal loan side of things and also my right to cancel the contract as am not happy with the goods supplied (under sale of goods act 1994) Regards Adam mcgoldrick
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