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  1. Ok - just realised the attached photo comes out really small.. This was a "personal loan" - taken out in February 1997 £6000 loan - plus £1379.16 interest (total charge for credit) Credit protection insurance - amount of premium = £784.40 - amount of loan = £780.00 - total charge for credit = £179.29 If someone knows how to upload photos so they show up in their full size pls tell ! Thanks Steve
  2. Hi I have just found some old paperwork for a car loan i took out with Midland Bank in 1997 (now HSBC).. As you can see from the photo - They charged me £959.29 for this "credit protection insurance loan". Now seeing as the loan for the car was only £6000 - They charged me a sixth of the value of the loan for this insurance.. Credit protection insurance loan was £780 - and on top of that they charged £179.29 interest (total charge for credit). Can someone tell me if this is part of the PPI story - and am i entitled to claim this back? Should i goto HSBC direct - and save myself the fee PPI companies charge - or would i need to goto a PPI refund company to claim it back properly. Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks Steve (p.s. I covered up my name and address in photo as advised by my friend - just in case!!)
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