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  1. Ok I'll try and do that. I would like some assistance in getting the time order if possible? As if like to prevent the consent order
  2. Ok I will get paperwork together and post it up. What are your views on the fact they have terminated whilst the agreement is in dispute/under complaint? Or is this really irrelevant
  3. What does that mean? Sorry I'm new to all this.
  4. Ok quick update - rang them first thing, can't believe it for the first time ever I got through almost straight away. Around 4 minutes.. Was transferred to "asset management" - Shaun Ward, as my agreement is now terminated. He was actually, very helpful, he talked a bit too much and wouldn't let me speak much but he was much better than any other person I've spoke to previously at this company. He told me that because there is a complaint from myself on the account, then that has to be dealt with before any arrears can be settled and we can move forward. He sa
  5. Hi there. I'm having issues with moneybarn, surprise surprise. Received a termination of contract on 23rd March which states I no longer own the car. Arrears are around £1200, 3 months, tried on several occasions previously to set up payment plans over the phone but they made it incredibly difficult.!! A payment plan for arrears never officially got set up as I asked to speak to a manager in the end - they said he would call me back within 24 hours - this was two weeks ago and no call back has occurred. then I got the termination of contract let
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