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  1. Thanks all ill make the final notice payment cheers dlgiff
  2. also pls let me know how you get on cheers dlgiff
  3. hi emptysack sry too jump on your thread but i too are in the same situation at the moment with tradeuk/screwfix i did not no i was signing pg. The thing that different with me is that i did not fill the form out it was filled out by the sales counter rep and passed to me to sign but he kept a hold of the form as i signed it. does anybody think i can fight my my case aswell? cheers dlgiff
  4. Hi slick Thanks for the quick reply I just cancel the direct debit I did not give a months notice but I have dug out the application agreement and it does say you have to give a months notice. Am I screwed here!? Regards Dlgiff
  5. Hi All, Im new to the forum, ive received a letter from ARC demanding payment for £71 after canceling my DW FITNESS contract, i signed up for 12 months on the 24/8/13 and i canceled my direct debt 12 months later. can this be allowed even when i canceled it twelve months after i signed up. Cheers Dlgiff
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