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  1. Will try and keep this short, I owed United utilities £500 for water which they sent to scottcall. I worked with them (regret that now) and set up a £50 a month plan. I made the first payment via standing order so I didn't give them my details, it never arrived on my account. I loaded with UU who said they had resolved it and I had paid it wrong so scottcall kept it in a holding account. I have proof I sent it where they told me. I've kicked up a fuss been verbally abused by scottcall threatening to call at my house, so I informed UU i will pay them direct online but they are refusing to accept that and will only deal with me via scottcall. I've paid online anyway this month but UU are adamant that they won't be accepting any further online payments to my account. I've offered to set a direct debit up for £88 a month, 50 for debt and 33 for new year
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