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  1. Ok so no reply's so maybe someone knows the answer to this. Can I be forced to contract to the council and their choice of insurer indefinitely against my will and wishes. As the insurance is yearly surely each year is a new contract and would require my consent and signature?
  2. Hello sorry for the delay in replying, wrong forum Yes demanded and collected by council but tendered out to private insurance company. Found this quotation on councils website. "Your contract is with the company and we merely process collections of premiums on the insurers behalf." As its an ex council house its in the deeds that the occupier has to pay them nearly £200 as part of a block insurance policy for as long as I have the property. (due to 1 remaining council tennant) Also this policy applies to anyone else that buys or inherits the house. Almost a lifetime contract paying the council forever. This policy is re-tendered every 5 years or so and I have no control over the policy or the price charged, which is annoying as i can get insurance online for around the £100 mark. Didn't pay last years and now being threatened by council to transfer debt to walker love for collection. This website explains it better than I can. clydebankpost.co.uk/news/roundup/articles/2013/10/10/474432-council-reported-to-office-of-fair-trading P.S. don't know if I am being thick but is the spokeswoman in the last paragraph saying its expensive because the council runs this scheme and passes their costs to us? So why do it then?
  3. Hello I recently inherited house from parents and have received a demand from the council factors demanding payment for building insurance for £200. My parents bought this house ex local authority years ago (terraced block), and apparently it is in the title deeds even though my parents were not leaseholders but freeholders and the block is mostly privately owned. Can they enforce this charge on me even though I signed for the house surely that agreement was with my parents and not me? I checked deeds but to be honest didn't understand much of it never even heard of a factor before either and £200 seems a bit steep. Hope someone with more brains than me can help.
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